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Sensing Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks for Wind Energy

Building on over 30 years of experience, LORD Sensing provides award-winning, reliable solutions for wind turbine OEM and test & measurement applications. LORD MicroStrain® and Stellar Technology solutions are ideal wind turbine sensors and can be used to monitor components, including the blades, drivetrain, gearbox, tower, and generator.

Our wind turbine sensors are ideal for monitoring components, including the blades, drivetrain, gearbox, tower, and generator.

Stellar Technology - A complete selection of pressure transducers/transmitters, load cells, force sensors, reaction torque transducers, temperature sensors and LVDT displacement transducers. Wind turbine sensor applications include:

  • Blade Pitch Control
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Transmission Monitoring

MicroStrain - Wireless Sensing Systems - End-to-end wireless sensing solutions enabling the next generation of smart machines and structures to automatically report their condition.

  • Wireless Simplicity, Hardwired Reliability
  • Node-to-node synchronization up to ± 32 µsec
  • Scalable long-range solution
  • Lossless data throughput in most conditions

MicroStrain - Displacement Sensors - Micro-displacement sensors for precision positioning in industrial and harsh environment applications.

  • Smallest displacement measurement solutions available
  • Able to survive millions of cycles in corrosive media
  • Readily customizable length, stroke, and diameter
  • High dynamic range

MicroStrain - Inertial Sensors - High performance measurement and navigation systems with lightweight, miniaturized form factor for embedded applications.

  • Smallest and lightest low-power solutions available
  • Fully customizable data output for easy, rapid integration
  • GNSS/INS, AHRS, IMU models available

MicroStrain - SensorCloud - Web-based, remotely-managed platform for secure sensor data storage, visualization, alerts, and analysis.

  • Powerful cloud-computing technologies provide excellent data scalability, rapid graphing, and user-programmable analytics.
  • All data transactions are encrypted and secure.
  • Customize alerts to stay informed on your data 24/7.


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