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LORD provides utility vehicle OEMs with high quality and reliable anti-vibration mounts. Our anti-vibration mounts are engineered parts which provide motion accommodation and elastomeric damping of noise and vibration – resulting in improved performance and ride comfort.

With a large catalog of proven vibration isolators available, we are able to provide high performance, low cost vibration isolation solutions through economies of scale and reduction in design time. Utility vehicle OEMs rely on our engineering design support to solve the special needs and noise, vibration, and harshness issues of their UTV platforms - further reducing design and manufacturing costs.

Utility Vehicle Anti-Vibration Mounts - Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates gear mesh noise and vibration
  • Capable of handling increased torque loads
  • Optional zinc plating for corrosion protection

Utility Vehicle Anti-Vibration Mounts - Application Examples

  • Powertrain Vibration Isolators
    • Engine / Motor Mounts
    • Transmission / Gearbox Mounts
  • Vehicle Accessory Vibration Isolators
    • Radiator Mounts
    • Battery Box Mounts

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