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Adhesives for Trailer Manufacturing

LORD Structural Adhesives provide utility, class eight and other trailer manufacturers with enhanced aesthetics and increased throughput with overall cost savings. Our adhesives offer advanced quality and an overall improvement in strength and durability, while reducing costs and cycle times. Unlike rivets, our solutions deliver polished interior and exterior aesthetics tailored to meet your demanding manufacturing needs.

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Why Use Structural Adhesives for Trailer Building

trailer panel used with adhesives
No Welds, Rivets or Fasteners
bonding panel with adhesive
Bond & Seal in One Step
black trailer with low read-through adhesive or low adhesive bleed
Low Adhesive Read-Through
View Structural Adhesives for Trailers

Compare several structural adhesives to find the one that best fits your trailer application. If you're not sure which adhesive would work for you, talk to one of our adhesive experts and they can help you select the right adhesive. 

Black and Green Trailer with No Rivets or Welding

Metal Adhesives for Trailers

We offer a full line of structural adhesives designed to bond all metals commonly used in the transportation industry and provide galvanic protection from dissimilar metals. Using trailer adhesives as an alternative to welding trailers can eliminate the scarring from welding, reduce surface prep and scar removal, without any local loss of temper in the metals.

White Trailer with Adhesives

Plastic Bonding Adhesives for Trailers

Our LORD metal bonding adhesives can cross-bond to both metals and plastics. These metal and plastic bonding trailer adhesives feature high elongation to accommodate the thermal expansion challenges of incorporating plastics into your designs. Check out our complete line of plastic bonding urethane and acrylic adhesive alternatives to welding trailers.

Side view of trailer

Panel Bonding Adhesives for Trailers

LORD panel bonding adhesives offer the smooth-sided look customers demand for dry freight vans and over-the-road trailers. Our trailer adhesives can join the panels without unsightly mechanical fasteners and rivets. We also offer trailer sealant solutions, which reduce or eliminate the costs associated with double-sided tape.

Five Window Side Panel Horse Trailer

Seam Sealers for Trailers

With so many companies offering trailer sealant options, trust us to provide you with proven and unique solutions for your manufacturing needs. We understand that the low cost of a product isn’t a good value if the warranty costs of leaks eat away at your profit. Our direct-to-metal seam sealing metal and aluminum adhesives for trailers won’t peel away and fail under the test of time.

tractor trailer on highway at sunset
Watch On Demand | Structural Adhesives for Trailers

Structural adhesives are a great way to replace traditional fastening methods for greater cost and time savings. Hear how the trailer industry is evolving by utilizing adhesives and sealers during manufacturing. In this webinar, we’ll not only review the chemistry of structural adhesives, but look at many different proven application examples of where and how these adhesives are used on trailers today.

Prevent Read-Through on Trailer Panels—Even when Using Thin-Gauge Substrates
Aluminum is a common lightweight substrate material for trailer building, however assemblers run into trouble with adhesive read-through.
Feats of Engineering Part 2: Transportation Case Studies
Learn how one truck manufacturer used next-generation acrylic adhesives to replace welding on his truck beds.


Read more about how structural adhesives are eliminating read-through issues in this Q&A.
Learn from our adhesive experts on some commonly asked questions.
Compare the different options available for using structural adhesives on trailers.

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