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Innovation in Action

At Parker LORD, we specialize in turning great ideas into practical solutions. From cars to rockets to medical equipment, our technology is everywhere you look – even in many places you would never expect. Innovative and responsive in an ever-changing marketplace, our focus is on delivering solutions for customers worldwide.

Stories of Innovation

Now more than ever, we realize how the work we do impacts the world. These stories of innovation highlight technological advances, engineering ingenuity and collaborations to create solutions that keep our world moving.

Innovation City

Navigate this virtual experience to discover how our products and solutions keep the world moving, even in uncertain times.  

Reliable Adhesives for Medical Equipment

Chemlok  adhesives are used in critical medical equipment designed to protect and save lives, including respirators, ventilators, safety masks and surgical tools. For example, our metal bonding adhesive on surgical tools joins the handles to the instrument, and protects against heavy use, repeated contamination and the high heat of sterilization.

Making Historic Flights Possible

From historic flights with Charles & Anne Lindbergh to NASA space missions, our mounts for instrument panels protect against damage from excessive vibration and lengthen service life of instruments 100-fold. To support U.S. forces in World War II, we devoted all manufacturing to produce mountings for aircraft engines, radios and instrumentation.  

Moving the Liberty Bell

When the new Liberty Bell Pavilion was built a few years ago, the bell had to be relocated about 1,000 feet. We worked with the National Science Foundation to monitor the stress generated by the move – a tricky endeavor that could have broken the bell in half. Our wireless sensors were placed inside the famous crack and along another hairline crack to identify movements as small as 1/100th the width of a human hair. Today, the Liberty Bell rests intact in its new home – ready for the next generation of patriots. 

Safely Containing Corrosive Chemicals

In both the mining and chemical industries, the transportation and storage of corrosive liquids is critical. But harsh chemicals would leak through the metal containers or the metal vessels had to be glass lined — an expensive proposition that added significant weight to the transportation containers. Prior to Chemlok, there was no easy way to use a protective rubber liner in the container trucks to transport and store such fluids. With Chemlok, bonding rubber liners to container vessels are now the standard to prevent corrosion and leakage of harmful liquids into the environment.

Car Manufacturer Seeks Solution to Production Issue

For a well-known OEM, a delay meant suspending mass production on two SUVs. The car manufacturer was challenged by the aluminum hood expanding up to 3mm after being bonded to the car with a one-component adhesive. LORD application engineers, collaborating with OEM equipment engineers and assessing technology and material, determined that a two-component adhesive could correct the distortion. Versilok Hem-Flange Adhesive, decreased distortion 2.25mm, resolving the issue at hand and getting production back on track.

Body Shop Breakthroughs

Was this car in an accident? Advances in auto body repair like our metal bonding adhesives, combined with rivet bonding through high-strength steel and aluminum, are being used to repair the next generation of cars and trucks – with great results. Despite major damage caused by an accident, we’re able to help body shops restore vehicles back to like-new or OEM quality condition.

Prototype to Production in Record Time

A customer approached us about creating an offshore elastomeric part that had never been built before: a high-pressure flexible joint featuring specs without industry precedent. After outlining a plan to deliver in 12 months, the customer indicated a needed delivery in half the time. A new innovative design in such a short time frame may have seemed impossible, but we delivered, providing a 10,000 psi flexible joint for a Completion Workover Riser (CWOR) system in record time.

Protecting Sea Life with Flexible Joints

Dolphins, waves and sunsets are far as the eye can see. There’s majesty and beauty all around you when you’re working on an oil platform in the middle of the ocean. It’s important to ensure a safe environment and protect our sea life for years to come. Our flexible joints keep offshore drilling equipment intact against the motion of the sea and seal the riser to prevent leaks and spills. That means workers can rely on the stability of their home and workplace – and oil goes only where it’s meant to.

Engine Mounts with Patented Technology

Heavy-duty truck rear engine mounts use our patented X-mount technology, a unique pre-compressed “X” pattern geometry to reduce noise and vibration in commercial vehicles. This innovative technology was developed and launched within 21 months – setting a new benchmark for advanced truck engine suspension systems development.

Multiple Row Radial Engines

Dynafocal damped engine suspensions, developed from a licensed patent that originated at MIT, makes the concept of multiple row radial engines possible and practical. With this innovation, we adopted the term "gamma product." Gamma products are those born from new technology, protectable by patent. 

Electric Vehicle Sticker Shock

Electric cars can save drivers plenty of money on gas and help the environment, but the upfront price of the vehicle can leave buyers wondering if the expense is worth the savings. Studies show our insulating silicone material SC-320 reduces hot spots in electric engines by up to 40%. The thermally conductive material could improve performance – and cost.

Getting Safely to the Other Side

Bridges are marvels of construction - not just practical, but beautiful. Heavy traffic, bad weather, even earthquakes threaten bridge stability. That’s why bridge bearing pads are designed to absorb constant vibration and shock in harsh conditions – and why Chemlok adhesives are essential to providing a strong and durable bond, to help people get from one side to another, safely.

City of Innovation

Solutions That Keep Our World Moving

Our passion for innovation is anchored by our unending drive to create more value for our customers. These collaborative relationships continue to take us on an innovative journey to create solutions that keep our world moving, even in uncertain times. It's how, together, we've developed the products, services and processes that move industries forward — and position us all to reach the impossible.

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