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Somos más de 3000 personas las que conforman el capital humano de LORD, estamos en 26 países alojados en 16 fábricas y 8 laboratorios de Investigación y Desarrollo. Tenemos prescencia en todo el mundo, estamos ahí para nuestros clientes. Pregúntanos cómo!

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  • LORD Tension Torsion Straps

    All of the savings. None of the risk.

  • Lighten up.

    Lightning strike protection is incorporated into the body of commercial airplanes, but LORD takes it a step further. Our UltraConductive coating not only guards against lightning, it's up to 55% lighter than traditional lightning strike solutions.

  • Since 1924 ...

    LORD is a diversified technology company that collaborates with our customers to significantly improve the performance of their products.

  • Recover strength.

    She got the truck back to like-new condition after the accident with the help of advances in auto body repair like LORD metal-bonding adhesives. Combined with rivet bonding through high-strength steel and aluminum, the adhesives are being used to repair the next generation of vehicles.

  • Your data anywhere. Instantly.

    Acquire. Visualize. Monitor. Analyze. LORD MicroStrain’s SensorCloud™ is a unique platform that leverages powerful cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis.

  • Charge ahead.

    LORD insulating silicone material SC-320 reduces hot spots in electric engines by up to 40%. The thermally-conductive material could improve the performance – and cost - of electric cars.


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