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Reduce Noise & Increase Passenger Comfort

Reduce Noise & Increase Passenger Comfort

Our globally available coatings and flock adhesives considerably extend the lifetime of automotive sealings. They withstand the harshest environmental and chemical impacts, reducing squeak and itch noises and contributing to overall passenger comfort. We help you meet the most demanding substrate and surface requirements over a range of applications. Our team will work together closely with yours to support you throughout the product selection and implementation processes, ensuring you meet the industry-specific needs of your OEM customers.

Hello, my name is Christina Stingel LORD Germany GmbH. I am the principal chemist here which is responsible for product development of elastomeric coatings. For elastomers, this is a very special application and I want to talk to you a moment to show you what our coatings can do. What are they for you can see here our coatings are for sealing, so the light nice red surface you see here is our black coating on rubber, we made it red for you to see. So, all ceilings in the car can be coated. By our products for example this one will be flocked, because we are also producing flock at ease if within our group. Why do we need these coatings within a car, well the first thing is the aspect of the sealing you will have a nice ceiling which is not to be polluted so easily because the dirt will be repelled by the coating, you will have less staining by chemicals because the coating protects the ceilings from chemicals. You will have less impact by abrasion because our coatings are very abrasion resistance. You have the choose between three different surfaces, which are smooth surfaces, semi-structured surfaces and structured surfaces. So, have a true choice of three different surfaces and of different coatings according to the high demanding or lower demanding applications within the car. For example, a trunk ceiling is supposed to be tight against water emotion so at this application we need a smooth coating. The primary door sealing which is this one we need also a smooth coating, so whereas for the secondary door sealing we have the choice we can use smooth coatings and the higher the load will be on this on this ceiling we need structured surfaces, to withstand the abrasion resistance. We reduce squeak and itch within the car, if a car is driving you will have a movement on the roads so you will have a movement of your car doors against the car body, the ceiling is in between and if this starts to squeak it’s directly beside the ear of the passenger and it will be rather annoying. Therefore our coatings are mainly in the high-level European cars present, to reduce squeak and itch.