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Somos más de 3000 personas las que conforman el capital humano de LORD, estamos en 26 países alojados en 16 fábricas y 8 laboratorios de Investigación y Desarrollo. Tenemos prescencia en todo el mundo, estamos ahí para nuestros clientes. Pregúntanos cómo!

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Sustainability For nearly a century, LORD has built a reputation as an industry leader and innovator. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability every day by doing what we do best — constantly innovating new manufacturing processes and customer solutions that also reduce environmental impact.

Our sustainability commitment applies across our entire supply chain — from the conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources such as energy and water to the optimal use of manufacturing materials and product constituents. We also maintain full compliance with all environmental laws wherever we operate across the globe and go beyond compliance to create value for our stakeholders. 

Our manufacturing processes begin with quality and efficiency in mind. Construction of the LEED Gold Certified Richard L. McNeel Business Center at our global headquarters in Cary, N.C. and the LORD Robison Road manufacturing facility in Erie County, Pa. help us fulfill our sustainability vision. Our Robison Road facility is one of the largest investments in company history, exceeding $100 million in building, equipment and transition investment to create a technology development and manufacturing facility to serve customers globally. Measuring more than 1 million square feet, the facility will reduce water usage by 75 percent and decrease electrical consumption for lighting by 30 percent through the use of sustainable technologies.

Our products support our customers' efforts to be better environmental stewards. In the 1980s as the green movement began gaining attention, we were already developing a high-performance, aqueous-based adhesive option for our customers that significantly reduced the carbon emissions associated with bonding rubber to metal or other dissimilar substrates. In use today, these breakthrough adhesives reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), making them environmentally friendly and regulatory-compliant. 

Our current innovations are no less impressive for their ability to solve our customers' toughest technical challenges and also impart a positive environmental impact. For example, LORD UltraConductive Technology protects against lightning strikes on composite aircraft and has the potential to reduce weight on wide-body aircraft by more than one thousand pounds, providing a significant fuel and carbon dioxide emissions reduction. 

Helping usher in a new era of automobiles, LORD is collaborating with a major electric car manufacturer to mitigate heat in electrical components like batteries and chargers, using thermally conductive, low-viscosity material to increase their performance and durability. We are also applying the same technology to LEDs, creating longer-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs.

At LORD, sustainability has always been good business.