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Somos más de 3000 personas las que conforman el capital humano de LORD, estamos en 26 países alojados en 16 fábricas y 8 laboratorios de Investigación y Desarrollo. Tenemos prescencia en todo el mundo, estamos ahí para nuestros clientes. Pregúntanos cómo!

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A central element of the LORD culture is an unwavering commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This was a keystone value of our founder, Hugh Lord, and continues today as one of the core values around which we conduct business.  

We define quality as consistently exceeding customer and coworker needs and expectations. It is our priority to continually monitor and improve our processes as a means to ensure overall customer satisfaction and enable profitable growth. As a global corporation providing long-term value across worldwide industries, we are committed to quality in everything we do, every day.  

To contact a Quality Manager, email quality@lord.com.

For a complete list of certifications please visit our U.S. site - https://www.lord.com/our-company/quality