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Somos más de 3000 personas las que conforman el capital humano de LORD, estamos en 26 países alojados en 16 fábricas y 8 laboratorios de Investigación y Desarrollo. Tenemos prescencia en todo el mundo, estamos ahí para nuestros clientes. Pregúntanos cómo!

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Products for Rotary Wing Aircraft

In the Rotary Wing industry, managing noise, vibration and weight is critical to flight. LORD partners with its rotary wing customers to provide components and systems with technologically-advanced, trustworthy systems that extend the life of a helicopter. 

Our expertise was built on elastomerics, but has expanded much farther over the last 85 years. We believe our value to customers comes when we partner to design a complete system, including structures and attachments. LORD offers a full complement of engineering tools, including a fully-accredited dynamic test lab, plus all major design and analysis software.For more information, download a copy of our Rotary Wing overview brochure.