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Active Vibration Control SystemsLORD Active Vibration Control Systems (AVCS) reduce vibration in the helicopter fuselage generated by the main rotor. Our AVCS provides state-of-the-art, patented algorithms that control steady state and transient vibration, even during start up. In the system, accelerometers measure aircraft vibration levels and signals are sent to a centralized computer. The computer interprets the signals and sends commands to force generators located throughout the aircraft. These force generators create "anti-vibration" that stops the progression of vibration due to the main rotor.

AVCSLORD offers both turn-key AVCS as well as AVCS components, adapting our product offerings to suit your specific vibration control needs. For more information, download a copy of the AVCS product bulletin.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce weight — Eliminates heavy passive vibration absorbers
  • Improve comfort — Reduces occupant vibration levels in both the cockpit and cabin
  • Improve performance — Enables expanded flight envelope within aircraft design limits and extended range
  • Reduce direct maintenance cost — Lowers aircraft vibration levels resulting in less vibration-induced fatigue of structures and equipment


  • Hindustan Aeronautics, Ltd. (HAL) Indian DHRUV
  • Eurocopter EC225/725, EC-130 T2
  • Agusta AW-139

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