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C-130 LORD balancing systems are designed to correct imbalance in all conditions without manual balancing. Unlike traditional "off-line" balancing techniques that require the equipment to be stopped and often disassembled while corrections are made, LORD balancers monitor and correct imbalance in real-time.

Our systems are comprised of sensors, a controller and a fail-safe balancer. The balancer is installed permanently onto the rotating shaft while the sensors continuously monitor vibration levels. When an increase in vibration is detected above a pre-determined level, the controller instructs the balancer to make an automatic balance correction. Balance adjustments can be made during start-up, normal operation and/or shutdown, depending on the needs of the application. Often times, balance conditions can change in real-time depending on the environment. For example, a propeller experiences different balance conditions on the ground versus during flight maneuvers; therefore, on-ground balancing never fully corrects for flight conditions. In addition, the system can provide diagnostic information to predict system health and optimize service outages. This data can be tied into other health-usage monitoring systems (HUMS) or can be stored on the controller for use in preventative maintenance. For more information, download a copy of the Propeller Balancing brochure.

Download the AVCS Product Bulletin.

Features and Benefits

  • Lower maintenance costs — Eliminates the labor, material and fuel costs associated with manual balancing. Unlike manual balancing, the system minimizes vibration throughout the aircraft or system in all operating conditions, which in turn reduces on-board equipment fatigue.
  • Efficient — Decreases vibration up to 10-20 times with negligible power consumption; makes corrections in seconds.
  • Reliable and fail-safe — Proven reliability in hundreds of high-speed applications in harsh environments; a power interruption or controller shutdown leaves the balance correction at its latest optimal value.
  • Enables advanced diagnostics — Used to provide prognostic health management (PHM) and diagnostic information to maintenance crews.


  • C-130 In-flight Propeller Balancing
  • Amphibious Landing Craft
  • Fan Balancing

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