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Tail and Main Rotor Dampers

Rotor Damper

LORD Main and Tail Rotor Dampers (Lead Lag Dampers) use Fluidlastic™ technology or highly damped elastomers to manage dynamic energy.

These dampers have set the industry standard for highly customizable energy dissipation. Fluidlastic technology allows very high energy loss to be engineered into small packages and customized for the application. Both fluidlastic and elastomeric dampers contain no sliding seals, so they are impervious to the effects of dust and dirt, unlike traditional dampers. In a dynamically complex application like a rotorcraft, LORD dampers fulfill a critical vibration management function.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance — Customizable damping properties, from viscous to inertial in characterRotor Damper
  • Simple maintenance — No sliding seals
  • Efficient use of space — Fluidlastic dampers achieve very high energy loss per unit volume

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