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Responsible Leadership

SustainabilityWe recognize our ability — and therefore our responsibility as good corporate citizens — to make a positive difference in the world. That begins with a commitment to human dignity that demands we conduct all our business with integrity according to the highest ethical standards. We express Responsible Leadership through our behaviors and a number of formal initiatives.

In December 2012, the LORD Corporation Board of Directors formally adopted a global, company-wide Code of Conduct to affirm our commitment to conducting business with integrity, the highest ethical standards and complying with all laws and regulations applicable to our business. The Code of Conduct is publically available on www.lord.com, and translated into 17 languages for all our employees worldwide. Our Code of Conduct institutionalizes core values that have been part of our culture since the company's founding.

We conduct business with suppliers, distributors and strategic partners that also value a commitment to the same ethical behavior. Through our Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain initiatives we promote the adoption of principles and practices of social responsibility including compliance with environmental sustainability, health and safety, fair competition, and human rights and labor practices. Through our Supplier Sustainability Self-Survey Tool, we work to identify our key suppliers' sustainability practices in order to understand the impact of our supply chain and identify any key areas of risk.  We work hard to lead by example.

Our Code of Conduct extends beyond collaborating with our supply chain partners to also collaborating with the communities in which we operate. For example, for more than five years we have developed an internal campaign to support the United Way and in 2013, we exceeded our $200,000 fundraising target by 10% and nearly doubled employee participation. Outside of the U.S., you will find LORD employees supporting local community assistance initiatives across the world in the communities where we operate from India to Brazil to China. 

Going hand-in-hand with community engagement and promoting prosperity, we believe strongly in the value of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and in the power of industry and education partnerships. We partner with education organizations in the U.S. and globally throughout K-12 and higher education to promote the principles of STEM, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. In this way, we contribute to the early development of these critical skills that are necessary for success in a technology company like LORD that operates in a complex, competitive global economy.


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FIEE- Electric, Electronic, Power, and Automation Industry

Sao Paulo, Brazil

07-25-2017 to 07-28-2017

The 9th China International Battery Industry Fair

Shanghai, China

08-23-2017 to 08-27-2017


Louisville, Kentucky, USA

09-07-2017 to 09-10-2017

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Novi, Michigan, USA

09-12-2017 to 09-14-2017


Sardinia, Italy

09-13-2017 to 09-15-2017


New Delhi, India

09-14-2017 to 09-16-2017

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