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Announcing Winners of Fusor Bumper Repair Clinic Contest

( 08/14/2013 )

The winners of the Fusor repair clinic contest have been announced.

As part of a promotional campaign featuring unique Fusor repair adhesives, collision repair professionals that attended Fusor 002 Bumper Repair clinics were entered to win a $1,000 AMEX gift card. The winners include two body shop technicians and two Fusor representatives. The body shop winners are Steve Bohl from Autryville, N.C., Cross Creek Subaru (U.S.) and Alex Rudow from Rudows Carstar Collision, Elmira, Ontario (Canada). The Fusor rep winners that conducted the most Fusor I-Car Alliance plastic repair clinics during the contest period are Eddie Gay (eastern region and first place winner) and Alex Kovaks (central region and second place winner).There were 122 Fusor 002 Bumper Repair clinics held with more than 450 technicians in attendance.

Recognized by the I-CAR Training Alliance, LORD Corporation's Fusor 002 clinic is a one-hour course on bumper repair. By attending this course, professionals learn how to make fast, profitable structural repairs using one adhesive for all types of bumpers with no need for plastic identification, create undetectable cosmetic repairs on all plastics with no adhesion promoter required, and replace torn or broken bumper tabs quickly. For more information or to sign up for training, visit www.fusor.com/repairclilnics.   According to Eddie Gay, Fusor 002 Bumper Repair clinic instructor for the eastern region, conducting the clinics was beneficial for the eastern region territory. "The clinics not only helped me gain market share in my area, but brought value to our jobbers who support our product line and delivered product knowledge to the technicians in the shops. The technicians saw the results with their repairs and obtained I-CAR credits," said Gay. 

"For auto body repair professionals who need cost-effective, reliable adhesives and finishing materials to repair damaged vehicles to original function and appearance, while reducing touch time, LORD Fusor is the brand of choice," said Jim Perritt, North America Sales Manager, Automotive Aftermarket. "Fusor performs better and is recognized by many in the professional body repair industry as the product/process innovator. Our OEM approvals, performance and reputation of quality in the market speak to the LORD brand."

For more information about LORD Fusor products, contact your local jobber, Fusor representative (located at www.lord.com/fusor) or call +1 877 ASK LORD (275 5673).

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