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Five Technologies That Help Manage the Madness of College Basketball Tourney Season

( 03/10/2015 )

LORD Corporation, a global leader in highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices and sensing technologies, unveiled five ways its solutions help manage the "madness" of college basketball tournament season. From coatings and adhesives that ensure safe passage for team buses and planes as they travel across the country, to components in arena light fixtures and bulbs that illuminate rivalry match-ups, LORD Corporation's products work behind the scenes to underpin the entire bracket-busting action leading up to the Big Dance.

"Our chemists, engineers and scientists develop breakthrough technologies that improve the performance of products around the world and impact so many aspects of our daily lives," said Lane Miller, vice president of global technology at LORD. "If you take a closer look at the inner workings of college basketball, LORD technologies are hard at work on and off the court, from the fan experience to the locker room."  

1. Illuminating the Action: College hoops fans rarely think about the bright lights that illuminate basketball courts, but with the right fixtures and components in the arena, they won't miss a second of the action. LORD manufactures adhesives, potting and encapsulant materials within LED light bulbs and LED lighting fixtures featured in college hoops facilities across the nation. Our materials help to enhance the fan experience in person and on television and achieve greater energy efficiency. Learn more about LORD Electronic Materials.         

2. Keeping Players Healthy: Team doctors focus on players' health all year round, but are under even greater pressure leading up to March. Whether they are repairing an ACL tear or tendon damage, they need the right tools to get players back in the game.  LORD Chemlok rubber-to-substrate adhesives join handles to medical scalpels, protecting against heavy use, repeated contamination and the high heat of sterilization. Learn more about Chemlok adhesives.   

3. Getting Fans to the Game: Let's face it, die-hard fans will travel long distances to support their favorite team in the tourney. Nearly every car in the world is assembled with products using LORD adhesive and coating technologies. LORD weather strip and glass coatings reduce noise  for a quieter trip to the game, while automotive structural adhesives that are crash-durable means that everyone can feel safe on the way. Learn more about LORD automotive technologies.  

Fans and teams traveling by plane can rest easy knowing that LORD technologies are keeping them comfortable and safe. LORD sensors monitor navigation, strain and load measurement, and antenna pointing. Our mounts and dampers allow the aircraft to function more efficiently and help stabilize the vibration and motion of the aircraft. Learn more about LORD Aerospace technologies.              

4. Road to the Dance: Bridge bearing pads are designed to absorb constant vibrations and shock in harsh conditions, ensuring safe passage for team buses on the road to the tournament. LORD rubber-to-substrate adhesives make bridge bearing pads possible.  

5. Keeping Score: Do you ever wonder what holds a scoreboard together? When the game is down to the wire and all eyes are on the scoreboard, LORD structural adhesives keep it together. It will be as strong and enduring as the players on the court. Learn about LORD Structural Adhesives.  

"Whether it's on the court or in the lab, we value our relationships with colleges and universities across the country, and are committed to providing research fellowship and mentoring opportunities to empower the next generation of technologists," added Miller.  

View LORD Corporation's infographic to learn more about what it takes to manage the madness: www.lord.com/marchmadness. For more information about career and internship opportunities at LORD, visit www.lord.com/our-company/careers

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