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LORD Announces Launch of Improved Isolator Technology for Downhole Tools

( 04/19/2013 )

LORD Corporation has announced the availability of improved isolator technology for Measure-While-Drilling (MWD) and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) electronics. 

Developed in response to the industry need for longer-lasting electronics and battery isolators that can protect against shock and vibration, LORD Corporation's solution addresses extreme environments, high shock loads, and low frequencies. The LORD family of isolators is designed to meet these unique downhole conditions. 

Capable of demonstrating an 80 percent improvement in shock isolation over the leading competition with no decrease in life, LORD Corporation's isolator technology offers extended life and improved shock and vibration protection for expensive electronic packages.

"These new elastomeric isolators were designed and tested using shock and vibration data recorded from actual MWD runs. This design combined with the LORD aerospace experience with elastomer formulation and manufacturing has created an isolator that stands out from the competition in terms of longevity and performance," said Jonathan Owens, Manager, Oil & Gas.

Results from one directional drilling customer that ran the same MWD String with LORD isolators, and isolators from three competitors, showed that upon pulling the string, the LORD isolator was the only one that survived. According to their accelerometer data, the LORD isolator provided 30 percent reduction in shock and vibration compared to the competition.

LORD has supported the Oil & Gas industry for decades with their line of Chemlok rubber-to-metal adhesives. These adhesives are used in a wide variety of oilfield applications including flexible elements for TLP applications, bonding rubber stators in mud motors used in drilling, bonding reinforcement members in the elastomer elements of blowout preventers and many others.

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