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LORD Corporation Announces Launch of Form and Cure In-Place Gasketing: an Efficient Solution to Seal Electronic Enclosures Quickly

( 09/07/2017 )

(Cary, NC – September , 2017) - LORD Corporation - a leading supplier of thermal management materials, adhesives, coatings and encapsulants to the electronics industry - has announced the launch of LORD SC-800, an efficient one-step solution to quickly seal electronics enclosures.

The LORD SC-800 UV cure silicone is a one-component, non-corrosive sealant designed to provide a flexible form-in-place gasket that is cured-in-place with UV light. The product easily spreads and cures between electronic enclosures, protecting from ingress of liquids, gases or other contaminants by forming an impervious barrier. Unlike conventional pre-cut compression gaskets, this sealant reduces inventory and complexity as only one product is needed for all gasketing designs.

LORD SC-800 provides an efficient one-step solution to seal electronic enclosures quickly, enabling users the ability to increase design flexibility, while lowering assembly costs. Key benefits include:

  • Fast UV Cure – cures rapidly at room temperature when exposed to UV light source, allowing for quicker cycle times compared to moisture-cure sealants
  • Superior sealing – flows to fill surface voids and irregularities
  • Convenient – requires no mixing; easy to dispense
  • Non-Sag – applied bead remains in position, even on complicated contoured parts
  • Solvent-Free Formulation – contains no solvents; 100 percent solids content -- no VOCs to handle or report

The sealant may be applied manually or using robotic dispensing equipment and allows for easy removal, replacement, or rework. Near-visible UV cure allows the use of a low-cost LED light source and the no-moisture cure improves reproducibility. Offering the ability to seal enclosures with more complex shapes, LORD SC-800 also reduces manufacturing costs as there is no need for stacking parts to dry, which reduces production time. Labor costs also are reduced with the one-part solution as there is no mixing needed. Time also is saved with the elimination of die-cutting gaskets.

“The increased use of electronics in harsh conditions and demanding applications now requires practical solutions to assemble, seal and protect these critical components,” says Andy Kintz, Manager Commercial Development for LORD Corporation. “With LORD solutions, your electronic components and assemblies will last longer, perform better, and have greater design flexibility than ever before, all while reducing manufacturing costs and increasing efficiency.”

The product joins LORD Corporation’s growing line of solutions to ruggedize critical electronic components, connectors and assemblies. In addition to SC-800, options include In-Mold Bonding (IMB™), traditional potting and encapsulation materials, as well as vibration and motion control with Micro-Mounts. LORD IMB™ adhesives offer the ability to bond and seal electronic assemblies, sensors, connectors and pins in the injection mold, enabling greater design flexibility, increased manufacturing efficiencies, material savings and air/moisture/fluid sealing between different materials. Both standard and customized options are available in the Micro-Mounts and proprietary potting and encapsulation technology lines. The Micro-Mount™ Series are high performance vibration isolators small enough and soft enough to protect individual components, allowing for vibration isolation at the circuit board level. LORD also develops custom potting and encapsulant solutions, using epoxy, silicone or urethane polymer systems. These products can be applied in diverse applications, including use in coils, control modules, sensors, power supplies, transformers and other critical electronic equipment.

“LORD is now a one-stop solution for the environment protection of electronic components,” says Kintz, “If you have a special requirement, we can also customize any solution to meet your company’s individual needs.”

For additional information on our products, please contact Customer.Support@LORD.com, call +1 877 ASK LORD (275 5673) or visit https://www.lord.com/industries/electronics/ruggedized-electronics.

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