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LORD Corporation Announces New Chemlok Adhesives

( 09/19/2018 )

Industry Leader Continues to Innovate and Problem-Solve Based on Market Needs


LORD Corporation — an innovator of rubber adhesive solutions for more than 60 years — has developed four new Chemlok® Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesives, each specifically engineered to meet industry needs for more robust systems with strong environmental performance that offer application versatility.

“Our commitment to the rubber industry has us continuously innovating new products that enable our customers to select from a wide range of adhesives that work for their specific application,” said Karen Sy-Laughner, Global Market Manager, LORD Corporation. “Our experienced team is ready to work closely with customers to select the best solution and to conduct training to help our customers.”

Each adhesive is designed with a specific attribute to aid in our customers’ processes. Chemlok 6224 is an offering developed without lead as an alternative to LORD’s popular Chemlok 220 that displays excellent pre-bake resistance by retaining excellent adhesion even when parts are exposed to 160°C (325°F) for 10-15 minutes. Chemlok 6271 provides customers with a low mold fouling solution that reduces the number of times a mold needs to be cleaned between process runs yet offers strong pre-bake resistance at temperatures of 170°C and high adhesion to ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). Chemlok 6150 is a robust one-coat adhesive system that bonds a broad range of elastomers like natural rubber, polyisoprene (IR), styrene-butadiene (SBR), polybutadiene (BR), polychloroprene (CR), nitrile (NBR), butyl (IIR), EPDM and polyepichlorohydrin (ECO) polymers to a variety of metals. These metals include carbon and alloy steels; stainless steel; aluminum; copper and copper alloys; magnesium; and zinc. Chemlok 6150 is also designed without the incorporation of any heavy metals. Finally, Chemlok 6258 is specially designed for applications that require a combination of strong adhesion with high fatigue resistance and high tensile strength.

These new products join other recently released technologies from LORD, such as LokRelease™ Stripping Solutions, which removes caked-on Chemlok Adhesive from application equipment, saving customers time and money; Chemlok Cold Bond (CB) Adhesives, designed to bond pre-vulcanized elastomers; Chemlok Film, a solvent-free adhesive system; and LORD IMB™ Adhesives, which bonds silicone to plastics and metals.

For more information, about all LORD rubber products, visit Chemlok.com.