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LORD Corporation Awarded Contract with US Engine Production, Inc. for Supply of Adaptive MR Suspension Systems

( 10/22/2012 )

LORD Corporation has signed an agreement with US Engine Production, Inc. for the supply of adaptive Magneto-Rheological (MR) suspension systems. A production run of adaptive MR suspension systems will be provided to US Engine Production this year followed by yearly system builds to meet market demand.The agreement grants US Engine rights to sell and support LORD MR adaptive suspension systems in international markets for HMMWV military and worldwide commercial off road field retrofit applications, as well as selected domestic markets.

According to Jim Yakel, Business Development Manager for LORD MR Adaptive Suspension Systems, this agreement will build on the strengths of LORD and US Engine Production enhancing the ability of the combined team to meet customer demand for cost effective HMMWV upgrade and field retrofits that offer significant gains in mission effectiveness with higher speeds, improved handling/control, stability, and ride quality.Customers interested in a full upgrade to their existing HMMWV fleet will be able to secure installation support, an engine and cooling package upgrade, transmission and shifter upgrade, and an advanced MR adaptive suspension system from the LORD and US Engine team. The entire upgrade package is designed to minimize changes and impact to the existing HMMWV platform making the upgrade very cost effective for the customer with minimal impact on logistics support requirements.LORD Corporation's MR controllable damping systems have been demonstrated as both original equipment and as a retrofit to existing suspensions for various military and commercial utility vehicles. The system consists of MR active dampers (shock absorbers) and a controller that can be dropped-in as a replacement for any given vehicle suspension, either independent or solid axle. MR dampers for the HMMWV and other military vehicles have reached 5-million cycles of durability testing, far exceeding typical military requirements of 1 million cycles at 120-degrees-Celsius. The system has successfully completed 10,000 miles of durability testing at Nevada Automotive Test Center on an M1078 US Army FMTV cargo truck using the accelerated durability test course, and has also completed performance testing on an M1165 HMMWV at US Army Aberdeen Test Center.LORD Corporation's MR technology was used in BWI Group's MagneRideTM suspension system. First introduced on the 2002 Cadillac Seville, the system now appears on numerous commercial vehicles including more than a dozen models from multiple automotive OEMs including Acura, Audi, Ferrari, GM, Holden Special Vehicles, and Land Rover. The rapid acceptance of the technology by a wide range of manufacturers, from high-performance sports cars to SUVs, demonstrates the confidence the automotive industry has in the performance, reliability and durability of LORD MR Technology.About US Engine Production Inc. 

US Engine Production Inc. offers new and re-manufactured engines for most domestic brands in both gasoline and diesel including Caterpillar, Cummins, Chrysler/Dodge, Detroit, Ford, GM, GM Performance, Yanmar, Mack and International/Navistar. With an average daily inventory of more than 1,200 engines in stock, the company offers engines for highway, off-road, marine and industrial use. Further, the company remanufactures more than 5,500 engines annually. Their Military Division works directly with various countries and military supply contractors. For more information, visit http://www.65engine.com/about_us.

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