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LORD Corporation Introduces Epoxy-Modified Acrylic Adhesive for Bonding Automotive Sheet Metals

( 03/02/2017 )

(Cary, N.C. – March 2, 2017) – LORD Corporation – a leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance adhesive products – announces the development of a two-component, epoxy-modified acrylic adhesive designed for bonding a variety of automotive sheet metals including hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized, bare and oily aluminum as well as cold-rolled steel.

LORD Versilok® 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive can be either room-temperature (RT) cured or heat-cured (around 80-degrees-C) for faster processing. The adhesive features glass beads which provide a strong mechanical lock that prevents shifting of substrate panels. Easy-to-apply adhesive utilizes non-sagging rheology that replaces the need for spot welding, which can degrade metal and allow rusting to occur.

Versilok 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive develops a high-strength bond in less than one hour at room temperature (faster than previous Versilok 265/254), eliminating metal warpage caused by high-curing induction temperatures. The adhesive bonds exceptionally well through the various stamping lubricants typically present on metals, eliminating the need for advance cleaning and surface preparation.   

Building on the proven benefits of the earlier version, Versilok 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive offers RT-cure adhesion on HDG Pre-Phos Galvanneal and aluminum, improved higher peel strength, and improved corrosion resistance. The adhesive also offers excellent robustness related to body-in-white handling and for high performance at full-cured status (after e-coating).

Other product features include environmental resistance to moisture, sunlight, salt spray, and thermal cycling; and the adhesive contains an odor suppressant. Versilok 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive is approved by major OEMs.

“Our new generation, Versilok 271/331, two-component acrylic adhesive was designed to meet cohesive bond requirements at room temperature to eliminate potential hem opening during the assembly process, especially at localized areas such as a door hinge,” said Walid Omar, Manager, Business Development and Marketing, LORD Corporation.

For more information: In the U.S. – call 1-877-275-5673 or visit www.LORD.com

In Europe – call +49-(0)-2103-25231-60 or visit www.LORD.com/EMEA.


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