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LORD Corporation Introduces High Torque 20Nm Tactile Feedback Device (TFD®) For Steer-By-Wire Systems

( 08/03/2017 )

(Cary, NC – August 3, 2017) LORD Corporation – a pioneer of Tactile Feedback Device (TFD®) steering units for Steer-by-Wire (SbW) systems – has launched its 20Nm TFD Steering Unit, expanding on its existing product line of 5Nm and 12Nm offerings.

20Nm Tactile Feedback Device_small.jpg

The LORD 20Nm Tactile Feedback Device Steering Unit is a key component of fully electric and electro-hydraulic SbW systems. It provides an integrated solution that measures steering position, and provides controllable resistive steering torque in real time, delivering high-fidelity tactile feedback and maximum control to the operator. The unit is maintenance-free and will never require inspection or adjustment during the expected service life (greater than 1 million cycles).  

“There are very few moving parts in the design which greatly enhances durability,” says Paolo Colletti, Global Business Development Manager, LORD Corporation. “With more than 400,000 TFD Steering Units in service today, LORD Corporation has a long history of providing reliable and safe devices across a variety of applications in multiple industries including material handling, agriculture, construction, marine and small electric vehicles.”

The major features and benefits of the 20Nm TFD Steering Unit include the following:

  • Tunable Steering Settings – an integrated controller uses inputs from the CAN-bus and proprietary algorithms to adjust how the steering system feels to the operator during various operating conditions, giving OEMs and vehicle integrators greater design freedom and reduced development time. 
  • Improved Operator Ergonomics – LORD patented magnetically-responsive (MR) materials provide smooth consistent resistive steering torque, giving the operator a greater sense of connectedness with the vehicle during steering events. 
  • Integrated Safety – dual isolated channels with two sensors per channel provides safety redundancy.
  • Robust Design – compact, maintenance free, easy-to-install, functional under a broad set of operating conditions and environments.

While applicable across many industries and vehicle types, the new 20Nm TFD has already seen great interest from the marine market and was demonstrated at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida’s Open Technology Forum 2017. Askari Badre-Alam, Ph.D., Electromechanical Technology Manager, LORD Corporation, presented on TFD systems, including the 20Nm, in “Electronic helm units for marine steer-by-wire systems” during the Expo.

For additional information, please contact LORD at +1 877 ASK LORD (275 5673), Customer.Support@LORD.com, or www.lord.com/products-and-solutions/steering-units

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