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LORD Corporation Selects Channel Partner for Aerospace Products

( 07/09/2013 )

LORD Corporation has selected Spectech as a sales channel partner for its standard aerospace and aircraft interior products.

LORD Corporation and Spectech have pursued this alliance with a view to providing outstanding service in the Aerospace industry by combining LORD Corporation's know-how and product excellence with Spectech's capabilities in distribution and technical support. "Spectech also brings its extensive knowledge of the European Market to enhance LORD Corporation's services to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Spain," said Michael Neal, EMEA Market Manager, Aerospace and Defense. Products will be promoted and sold in these countries.

For more information, please contact our LORD European Customer Service Centre at europecsc@lord.com.

About Spectech

Spectech is a division of The STAG Group, an international aviation equipment supply provider offering management services and engineering products designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, operators and service users in the aerospace, defence and specialised industries markets. The group is organised into two divisions; Supply Chain Services and Aircraft Interiors. Both divisions have been structured into individual business units each using common IT, specialist tools and the in depth local experience to achieve the standards of aviation equipment supply performance demanded by the global market.

For more information, visit http://www.stag-aerospace.com/spectech/.

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