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LORD Corporation's Marr Presents at 2013 European Rotorcraft Forum

( 08/28/2013 )

Conor Marr Sr. Engineer Rotocraft ForumConor Marr, Senior Engineer, Mechanical Technology Development, presented at the 2013 European Rotorcraft Forum.

The presentation was held Wednesday, Sept. 4 at the Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel in Moscow, Russia. The topic was entitled "Development of a Multi-State Fluidlastic Lead-Lag Damper." The paper was co-authored by Haris Halilovic, Manager, Mechanical Technology Development at LORD Corporation.

Conventional lead-lag dampers are necessary to prevent ground and air resonance in most helicopter designs. Though high damping is needed to eliminate these instabilities only over a small region of the helicopter's operating conditions, the conventional damper continues to produce high damping in all conditions, leading to high root end loads and reduced component life. A simple passive or semi-passive multi-state bypass damper, with predictable behavior validated by experimental data, could help reduce high root loads associated with the use of conventional lead-lag dampers and further improve damper reliability. LORD presented a centrifugal force driven bypass multi-state Fluidlastic lead-lag damper concept during the presentation.

"Building onto extensive damper knowledge and experience, LORD is developing and validating multi-state dampers to support and enable the evolving needs of the future rotary-wing aircraft," said Marr.

Marr joined LORD Corporation in May, 2012 in the Mechanical Technology Development group.  With expertise on Fluidlastic lag damper modeling, he specializes in innovative damper design, damper modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and rotor dynamics. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree from the Pennsylvania State University. He also earned his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the Pennsylvania State University, with research focusing on the development of passive multi-state lead-lag damper concepts and the creation of new modeling techniques to capture their performance. Marr is an active member of the American Helicopter Society and has presented multiple papers at the annual AHS forum.

For more information on the European Rotorcraft Forum, visit http://erf2013.org/.

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