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Next-Generation Acrylic Adhesives Enhance Assembly Operations

( 11/07/2017 )

An article in the October 2017 issue of the Adhesives & Sealants Industry’s ASI Magazine highlights our expertise and technology developments with how new acrylic adhesives can enhance assembly operations.

Acrylic structural adhesives – two-component systems comprised of an adhesive and an accelerator – deliver bond strengths that can approach or exceed the strength of substrates.

They offer several advantages over metal joining techniques such as riveting and welding in terms of strength, impact, fatigue, durability, distribution of stress, aesthetics, corrosion and process simplicity/cost. They are ideal for applications in several manufacturing and fabricating segments including commercial vehicles, wind and energy equipment, and industrial products.

The newest developments in next-generation acrylic adhesives offers superior lap shear strength, high elongation and high-bake resistance combined with excellent failure mode across difficult-to-bond metal substrates.

Learn how the chemistry and key features have evolved from first- and second-generation adhesive systems to the advantages now offered by next-generation acrylic adhesives: https://www.adhesivesmag.com/articles/95805-next-generation-acrylic-adhe...

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