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Parker LORD Receives UL 1446 Certification for CoolTherm® Potting Compounds

( 03/23/2021 )

The Parker LORD Assembly and Protection Solutions Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has received United Laboratories (UL) certification for use of potting compounds CoolTherm®  EP-2000, CoolTherm® EP-3500 + EP-2000 Hardener, and CoolTherm® SC-320 when used in System Designation PDG H-2, Table V.
With the demand for high power density growing, electronics are operating at higher temperatures so the need for thermal management is greater every day. Parker LORD potting solutions provide a robust thermal management interface resulting in reliable products. These materials improve performance by optimizing heat dissipation with high thermal conductivity and low viscosity. They also protect components from dust and moisture and help reduce vibration. 
While Parker LORD CoolTherm® potting materials improve the performance of high-power density components, they must also meet important lifetime and safety standards required for any consumer electronics device. These thermal management materials have now been tested and certified under the relevant UL standards for electrical performance, heat and flame resistance, and temperature rating when used with the materials indicated in Construction Details Table V of System Designation PDG H-2 of the Electrical Insulation System Components. It is primarily for use in motors or transformers, to provide more power without negative thermal impacts.
“With this exciting development, CoolTherm® potting materials can now be used in industrial settings where UL certification is required and all of the materials in the products must be approved for use,” said Dr. Dan Barber, Staff Scientist, Parker LORD. “This brings substantial new opportunities for our customers to leverage the unique capabilities that CoolTherm® potting materials can provide.”
Manufacturers that are looking to produce smaller and lighter yet more powerful motors can take advantage of the unmatched thermal capabilities of Parker LORD CoolTherm® potting materials with the UL 1446 certification, which include high thermal conductivity and high heat capability. 
UL certification labs have developed comprehensive tests to determine the mechanical, physical and electrical characteristics of materials, ensuring that they are safe to use in electrical equipment. Several applicable UL standards govern the flammability requirements and other specific material behaviors of thermal management materials. Conforming to these standards is an important qualification for Parker LORD thermal management materials. The certification not only ensures optimal safety, but long-term performance.
Learn more about our CoolTherm® thermal management materials with UL certification at www.lord.com/CoolTherm.

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