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Urethane Automotive Assembly Adhesives

Urethane adhesives are offered as either one and two component systems. Also, urethane adhesives are formulated with much lower viscosity compared to epoxy or acrylic adhesives. Urethanes are inherently sensitive to moisture which reacts with the isocyanate in the system. Care should be taken to avoid high humidity conditions and moisture in the substrates.

  • One component solutions available
  • Two components or "parts":
    • Resin (A-Side)
    • Curative (B-Side)
  • Uncured properties:
    • No noticeable odor
    • Single component (one part) and two component systems
    • Flowable liquid consistency
    • Sensitive to contamination by moisture - Moisture will react with the isocyanate leading to shelf life issues
  • Application properties:
    • Easy to dispense – some have low viscosities that allow the use of gravity-feed, low-cost meter-mix-dispense (MMD) equipment
    • Cure behavior and final properties can also be negatively affected by moisture in air or substrate
    • Wide range of cure rates available by choosing appropriate B-side (B, C, D,…)
      • Cure rate can be accelerated with heat
  • Cured properties:
    • Can attain very high elongation (>100%) while retaining the performance of a structural adhesive
    • Bonds well to thermoplastic and thermoset substrates
    • Do not form durable, environmentally resistant bonds to bare or unprepared metals

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