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Chemlok® 286 Tacky Tie Cement Where to Buy

Product Information

LORD Chemlok® 286 tacky tie cement is designed for use over rubber-to-metal adhesives when bonding natural rubber to metal in lining operations. It is composed of a mixture of polymers, organic compounds and mineral fillers dissolved or dispersed in an organic solvent system. Chemlok 286 tie cement is suitable for cure by autoclave, open steam or chemical techniques.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is six months from date of shipment when stored by the recipient in a well ventilated area at 21-27°C (70-80°F) in original, unopened container. Keep container closed when not in use.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Use – allows the uncured rubber lining to be repositioned without damage to the underlying adhesive film.

High Green Strength – provides quick grab and tenacious green strength for use in sharp radius areas such as flanges.

Versatile – functions well for bonding natural rubber or natural-backed linings; can be used over a variety of adhesive systems such as Chemlok 289/290 adhesive.

Typical Properties*

Appearance Black Liquid
Viscosity, cps @ 25°C (77°F)
Brookfield LVT
Spindle 2, 30 rpm
Density, kg/m3 (lb/gal) 874.7-898.7 (7.3-7.5)
Solids Content by Weight, % 12-16
Flash Point, °C (°F)
4 (40)
Solvents Toluene
Theoretical Coverage, m2/gal (ft2/gal)
@ 12.7 micron (0.5 mil) dry film thickness
37 (397)

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.


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