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LORD® IMB™ 3040 A/B Adhesive

Product Information

LORD® IMB™ 3040 A/B adhesive is a two-component system designed for bonding addition-cured (platinum-cured) silicone rubber to a variety of metal and compatible plastic substrates during the injection or compression molding process. Compatible plastic substrates include: polycarbonates, polyphenylsulfones, polyetherimides, some polyamides, some elastomers, and other thermoplastics.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of each component is one year from date of shipment when stored at 21-27°C (70-80°F) in original, unopened container.

Features and Benefits

Versatile – bonds low surface energy and difficult thermoplastic substrates, like polycarbonate, without the need for pretreatment; bonds a variety of addition-cured silicone rubbers to a wide variety of substrates.

Durable – provides a strong, durable bond that, in many instances, has strength equal to or greater than the rubber being molded.

Easy to Use – non-settling formula allows for easy application; dries at room temperature to a clear, nearly colorless, film.

Medical Use – formula passes ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity and ISO-10993-10 irritation testing.

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.


Download Type Name
Download Safety Data Sheet LORD IMB 3040-A
Download Safety Data Sheet LORD IMB 3040-B
Download Technical Data Sheet LORD IMB 3040 A/B Adhesive
Download Application Guide LORD In-Mold Bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber Adhesives

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