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Belt Bonding Adhesives

For belts that can withstand high temps and harsh environments – When it’s critical, it’s Chemlok.

Adhesives for Belt Manufacturing

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Chemlok adhesives are at the core of reliable and high performance belts and belting systems.

Our Chemlok® adhesives are backed by our global support system and built on elastomer bonding technology that has generations of proven performance. When bonding rubber to metal, fabric or countless other materials, LORD Chemlok high performance rubber-to-substrate adhesives are the ultimate choice.

Select Chemlok Adhesives for Belt Bonding
Product Description and Features
Chemlok 213 One-coat, bonds urethane elastomers to metal; certain thermoplastic polyurethanes...
Chemlok 234B (NW) Bonds a wide variety of vulcanized or unvulcanized rubber compounds...
Chemlok 238 (NW) Bonds non-polar rubber compounds based on butyl, EPDM and more...
Chemlok 305 / 310 NSF approved, contains no solvent, nonflammable and virtually odorless...
Chemlok 402 Adheres well to RFL-treated fabric/cord. Tie cement additive in textile-reinforced...
Chemlok 6450 Bonds a variety of NBR and HNBR compounds to a variety of substrates...
Chemlok CB200 Cartridge dispensed, self-mixing; designed for repair applications; VOC free...

At LORD, we’re constantly innovating new belt bonding adhesive solutions. From the latest industry advancements such as Belt-in-Oil (BIO) to HNBR rubber film adhesives, our solutions enable and improve automotive belting technology.

From manufacturing and assembly to patch and repair, our portfolio of Chemlok rubber bonding adhesives includes solutions that cover the entire conveyor belt life cycle.

Reliable power transmission belts are essential to keeping critical equipment up and running. Up time and productivity are vital, even in the harshest of applications such as mining machinery, off-highway equipment and heavy-duty trucks. Our adhesives form durable bonds, enabling reliable belts.

Belt Bonding Adhesives

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