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Adhesives for Architectural Assembly

Bond and Seal Doors, Windows & Cladding

LORD structural adhesives present a stronger, faster-curing alternative to adhesives typically used in the window and door industry. They help to improve wind load resistance/design pressure for severe weather doors and sidelights. Typical bonding applications include corner key joints, perimeter bond frames, internal reinforcements, astragals, “dowel” joints and cladding.

Benefits of LORD Structural Adhesives for Door, Window & Cladding Manufacturers

  • Ability to bond dissimilar substrates
  • 20+ years of proven frame bonding experience
  • High performance, two-component sealants
  • Increased output through reduced cycle times
  • Improved aesthetics with low bondline read-through technology
  • High adhesion and durability leading to increased structural rigidity


Structural Adhesives for Architectural Assembly

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