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Urethane Adhesives

LORD® Urethane-Based Structural Adhesives

LORD urethane-based structural adhesives are an excellent choice for bonding to a wide variety of thermoplastics and composites, plus difficult to bond substrates such as fabric, foam and wood. They can also be used for metal bonding applications where the metal is primed or coated. Our urethane adhesives have low odor, can deliver fast or slow cure times and have the combination of high toughness, strength, and flexibility that makes these adhesives an ideal choice for joining both lightweight and structural assemblies.

What Are Urethane Adhesives?

Urethane adhesives are formulated with much lower viscosity compared to epoxy or acrylic adhesives. Also, Urethane adhesives can be offered as either one and two component systems. Click below to learn more...


LORD 7800 Series:
 A/C, A/D

  • Bonds composites, sheet moulding compound (SMC) plastics & prepared metals
  • Excellent sag resistance & gap filling
  • Easy application & implementation
  • Consistent cure speeds & low exotherm
  • Fast handling strength
  • Environmentally recommended, heavy metal free

LORD 7800 Series Urethane Adhesives

LORD 7542 Series:
 A/B, A/C, A/D, A/E

  • Structural bond to fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), SMC and other plastics & prepared metals with minimal surface prep
  • Lower viscoisty, suitable for gravity fed meter mix dispensing (MMD) equipment
  • Wide range of work times
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmental & chemical resistant
  • UL 746C certified

LORD 7542 Series Urethane Adhesives (black also available)

LORD 7545 Series:
 A/G, A/B, A/C, A/D, A/E, A/F

  • Structural bond to FRP, SMC and other plastics & prepared metals with minimal surface prep
  • Non-sag, remains in position on vertical & overhead surfaces
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmental & chemical resistant

LORD 7545 Series Urethane Adhesives (black also available)

LORD 7550 Series:

  • Bonds Lexan, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate, other plastics & primed metals, non-structural
  • Optically clear, non-yellowing, self-leveling, flows into hard-to-reach spaces
  • Environment & solvent resistant when cured

LORD 7550 Series Urethane Adhesives (optically clear)

LORD 7555 Series:
 A/C, A/E

  • Bond and seal plastics & prepared metals
  • Non-sag, non-slump
  • Bright white, non-yellowing
  • Paint & finish immediately
  • Auto/Truck bond & seal, clean rooms

LORD 7555 Series Urethane Adhesives

LORD 7556 Series:
 A/B, A/C

  • Bonds Lexan, ABS, polycarbonate, other plastics & primed metals, structural
  • Translucent
  • Non-sag
  • Environmental & solvent resistant when cured

LORD 7556 Series Urethane Adhesives (translucent)

LORD 7100 Series:
 7100, 7150

  • High strength, bonds to plastics without crazing, attacking or lowering strength of plastics
  • Self-leveling, low viscosity
  • No volatile organic compound (VOC) content
  • Environmental & solvent resistant

LORD 7100 Series Urethane Adhesives (color varies across series)

LORD 7600 Series:
 7602, 7610 DTM, 7650

  • Single component, convenient to use
  • Bonds and seals most plastics, glass, concrete, wood, foam, rubber, prepared & bare metals
  • Non-sag paste & liquid options

LORD 7600 Series Urethane Adhesives (color varies across series)

LORD Surface Modifiers

Our surface modifiers provide enhanced adhesion to a variety of substrates

  • AP-134: Glass, Ceramics, Stone
  • 459X/459T: Thermoplastic elastomers & thermoplastic olefins (TPOs)
  • 7701: Vulcanized rubber or elastomers
  • 7713: FRP or glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) & other composites


  • Multiple work times and cure speeds to meet application requirements
  • High elongation
  • No odor, environmentally recommended
  • Specialty versions to meet application requirements:
    • Resist sunlight (non-yellowing)
    • Optically clear, translucent, bright white color options
    • Formulas for precise, small beads and large beads
  • Excellent adhesion on numerous composites without pre-abrasion
    • e.g. SMC
  • Excellent temperature resistance within their category


  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Coated Metals
  • Foams
  • Textiles
  • Reinforced Thermoplastics
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic/Stone
  • Wood

Product Offerings

  • Easy to use systems for industrial, OEM and tier bonding and sealing
  • Single- and two-component systems for high volume and convenience dispensing
  • Aftermarket and repair solutions available to support customer life cycle

LORD Urethane Adhesives - Most Popular Products
by Volume
High Strength
Structural Bonding
7800 Bonds composites, SMC, plastics and prepared metals, rapid strength development, excellent sag resistance and gap filling capability, low exotherm, high elongation, free of heavy metals, environmentally recommended 7800-A Resin
7800-C Curative
7800-D Curative
1:1 Black Paste --
2-4.5 min
4‑8 min
12 min
25 min
24 hr 8,000-25,000
UL 746C Certified Adhesive
Structural bond to FRP, SMC and other plastics and prepared metals with minimal surface preparation, lower viscosity, suitable for gravity fed MMD, wide range of work times, non-sag paste, non-flammable, environment and chemical resistant, UL 746C certified 7542-A Resin
7542-B Curative
7542-C Curative
7542-D Curative
7542-E Curative
7542‑B Black Curative
Brown Paste
Black Paste
4-7 min
11-15 min
20-30 min
50-60 min
4-7 min
1-2 hr
2 hr
3 hr
4 hr
1-2 hr
24 hr 1,500‑4,500
7545 Structural bond to FRP, SMC and other plastics and prepared metals with minimal surface preparation, non-sag, remains in position on vertical and overhead surfaces, Non-flammable, environmental and chemical resistant 7545-A Resin
7545-B Curative
7545-C Curative
7545-D Curative
7545-E Curative
7545-F Curative
7545-G Curative
7545-B Black Curative
7545‑D Black Curative
Off-White Paste
Black Paste
3-5 min
6-8 min
11-18 min
22-38 min
45-65 min
1.5 min
4-7 min
11-18 min
30 min
60 min
1-1.5 hr
2-3 hr
4-5 hr
10 min
30 min
1-1.5 hr
24 hr 25,000‑70,000
Specialty Bonding and Sealing 7550 Non-structural bond to Lexan®, ABS, polycarbonate, other plastics and primed metals, Optically clear, self-leveling, flows into hard-to-reach spaces, excellent for bonding parts with tight tolerances, non-yellowing 7550-A Resin
7550-C Curative
1:1 Clear Liquid 3-5 min 1 hr 24-72 hr 1,800-4,000
7555 Bonds and seals plastics and prepared metals, non-sag, paint and finish quickly, non-yellowing, UV and chemical resistant, formulated for auto/truck bond and seal and clean rooms 7555-A Resin
7555-C Curative
7555-E Curative
1:1 Bright White Paste --
3-5 min
45 min
1 hr
5-6 hr
24 hr 40,00-160,000
7556 Bonds to Lexan, ABS, polycarbonate, other plastics and primed metals, translucent, non-sag, environmental and chemical resistant 7556-A Resin
7556-B Curative
7556-C Curative
1:1 Translucent Paste --
3-5 min
4-6 min
1 hr
1.5-2.3 hr
24 hr 40,000-160,000
7100 High strength, high elongation formulated for cloth, paper, foams, rubbers and plastics, bonds plastics without crazing, attacking or lowering strength of plastics, self leveling, low viscosity, no VOC content, environmental and solvent resistant 7100-A Resin
7100-B Curative
1:2 Glossy Black Liquid 5-10 min 2-3 hr 24 hr 3,000-16,000
7150 7150-A Resin
7150-B Curative
1:2 Glossy Grey Liquid 5-10 min 2-3 hr 24 hr 3,000-16,000
Single Component 7602 Single-component, formulated for excellent adhesion to various plastics, wood, fabrics, cured elastomers, and prepared metals including precoated steel 7602 -- Off-White Paste 10-20 min 24 hr 24-72 hr 50,000-250,000
7610DTM Single-component, direct-to-metal adhesive/sealant for plastic, wood, fabrics and metals, non-sag, resistant to indirect UV exposure, 15 month shelf life, can finish immediately before skinning over 7610DTM -- White Paste 25-35 min 6-12 hr 1-5 days** --
7650 Single-component, formulated for open cell polyethylene foam, styrofoam, HD urethane foam, plastic, fabric, rubber and prepared metal, high-tack, low viscosity, good impact resistance, suitable for laminating 7650 -- Honey Liquid 15-30 min 24 hr 1-5 days 400-2,000

*Can be accelerated with heat.
**Temperature dependent.

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