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Autoseal® 3690 Primer Where To Buy

Product Information

LORD Autoseal® 3690 is an aqueous primer that provides good adhesion to EPDM rubber and various thermoplastic elastomers.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is six months from date of shipment when stored at 21-27°C (70-80°F) in original, unopened container. Do not freeze product. Keep container closed when not in use. Unused primer can be sealed and reused.

Features and Benefits

Environmentally Friendly - provides a user friendly, low VOC coating.

Good Adhesion - adheres well to EPDM.

Convenient - applies easily using conventional, siphon, HVLP or needle-less spray methods.

Typical Properties*

Appearance Clear, Opaque Liquid
Viscosity, cps @ 25°C (77°F)
Brookfield LVT
Density, kg/m3 (lb/gal) 994.5-1030.5 (8.3-8.6)
Solids Content by Weight, % 10.9-13.9
Flash Point, °C (°F) >93 (>200)

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.

Auxiliary Products

Autoseal<sup>®</sup> 3463B Cross-linker

cross-linker used with Autoseal aqueous coatings to enhance performance of the cured system

Features and Benefits

Environmentally Friendly - provides low VOC for reduced emissions and improved environmental compliance.

Easy to Use - prepackaged kits include cross-linker and resin in the proper ratio.

Convenient - requires fewer processing steps as cross-linker does not need to be pre-diluted with water.

Durable - provides good stability in water; enhances solvent resistance of cured Autoseal coatings.


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