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Chemlok Adhesives 

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Product Description MSDS (US) Technical Data Sheets
Chemlok ® 205 Adhesive and/or Primer

general purpose primer

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Chemlok ® 207 Primer

high performance primer

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Chemlok ® 298 Primer

solvent-based primer

Chemlok ® 2332 Adhesive

covercoat adhesive used to bond treated textiles to rubber

Chemlok ® 6108 Adhesive

environmentally preferred Chemlok adhesive (EPCA), general purpose

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Chemlok ® 6125 Adhesive

high performance environmentally preferred Chemlok adhesive (EPCA)

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Chemlok ® 6411LH Adhesive

low HAP covercoat adhesive

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Chemlok ® 6956 Adhesive

high performance Chemlok adhesive

Chemlok ® 8210 Adhesive

aqueous (water-based) adhesive

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Chemlok ® 8212 Adhesive

aqueous (water-based) covercoat adhesive

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