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Fusor Repair Clinics

Our courses are a compilation of decades of work with automotive OEMs, insurance companies and industry experts, to bring the latest adhesive and seam sealer application procedures to body shops. These courses are I-CAR certified and our goal is to teach proper product repair procedures that result in repairs matching OEM performance and appearance. 

Receive I-CAR Credits 

With Fusor I-CAR Training Alliance, you can customize the training to fit your schedule. Classes are offered during the day or after hours. Get I-CAR training hours for lunch-and-learn clinics. Upon completion of the course and passing the exam, a certificate will be issued to the attendee, which along with the proper fee, can be redeemed with I-CAR or AIA (Canada) for continuing education credits.

All courses include instruction on:

  • OEM approved and industry accepted adhesive and seam sealer application techniques and procedures

  • Proper and safe use of adhesives and seam sealers

  • Selection of the proper product for each type of repair

  • Surface preparation for optimum repair results

Training = Profitable Repairs

Whether you're just starting out as a body shop repair technician or a seasoned professional, you can expect to learn time saving repair processes and procedures that will enable you and your team to return vehicles to OEM, pre-accident condition when working on today's advanced cars. 

Our training ensures technicians do it right the first time — improving cycle times, reducing come backs and leaving the customer happy.

Fusor 002 Bumper Repair

After this clinic, you'll be able to do:

  • Make fast, profitable structural repairs using one adhesive for all types of bumpers with no need for plastic identification
  • Make undetectable cosmetic repairs on ALL plastics with NO adhesion promoter required
  • Quickly replace torn or broken bumper tabs
  • Determine when is it more profitable to repair bumpers versus replacing them

Fusor 003 Composite Repair & Bonding

After this clinic, you'll be able to do:

  • Make OEM approved structural and cosmetic repairs on all types of SMC and fiberglass body components
  • Eliminate "bullseye and halos" every time
  • Complete professional, OEM quality adhesive bonding on all types of composite body panels with no shrinkage or read through.

Fusor 006 Sealing & Sound Control

After this clinic, you'll be able to do:

  • Match a wide variety of OEM applied seams, textures and sound deadening products to create an "invisible repair"
  • Duplicate the look and performance of OEM, robotically applied seams and NVH products
  • Return vehicles to OEM, NVH control standards
  • Understand the advantages of bare metal sealing.

Fusor 008 Structural & Mechanical Bonding

After this clinic, you'll be able to do:

  • Understand the differences and repair techniques for structural and crash durable adhesives
  • Perform OEM-approved procedures that match the performance and appearance of original factory applications
  • Receive I-CAR credits

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