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heavy duty truck and trailer

Structural Adhesives

Parker LORD Structural Adhesives replace traditional welding and fasteners as a more cost-effective option, without compromising a quality bond. These adhesives are available in acrylic, epoxy, and urethane chemistries and serve many diverse industries, from electronics to automotive to construction.

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Replace Welds, Rivets & Fasteners with Structural Adhesives

With more than 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing industrial adhesive solutions, our extensive line of acrylic, epoxy, and urethane adhesives improve appearance, strength, and durability, while offering you design flexibility and total cost savings. Compared to traditional fastening methods such as rivets, welds, and tapes, LORD Structural Adhesives eliminate the costs associated with metal preparation and finishing operations to improve your manufacturing processes.


Structural Acrylic Adhesives
Parker LORD structural acrylic adhesives offer room-temperature curing and minimal need for surface preparation, ideal for automated and manual assembly processes.

<p>When you need a high-performance, mission-critical adhesive, choose the ultimate in elastomer bonding technology.</p>

Structural Epoxy Adhesives
Parker LORD's structural epoxy adhesives offer high tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance to long-term high heat exposure and other demanding conditions

<p>Highly flexible coatings that bond to low-surface energy substrates.</p>

Structural Urethane Adhesives
Parker LORD structural urethane adhesives are low odor, deliver fast or slow cure times, and offer high toughness, strength, and flexibility in 1-part or 2-parts.

<p>Our cross-linkers, latex, mold release and cleaning solutions are sure enhance your rubber processes.</p>

Find your Adhesive

Not sure which adhesive choice is best for you? Try our adhesive selector tool.

LORD Adhesives Overview

Learn how LORD structural adhesives are eliminating rivets, welds and mechanical fasteners and enabling lower cost assembly. Listen to Angela talk through our acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives and the best applications for each adhesive category.


We offer a full line of industrial structural bonding adhesives and sealants that offer superior adhesion to a variety of substrate combinations (bare metal, plastic, composite, painted metal, and specialty substrates). Our rapid-cure acrylic metal adhesives can prevent galvanic corrosion when cross bonding to aluminum and are excellent alternatives to welding or riveting. We offer a wide variety of products for plastic bonding and seam sealing to improve throughput and protect against corrosion. Our highly skilled technical team will recommend the best adhesive or sealant for your substrate combination.

yellow service work truck
Service Work Truck

Our adhesives are proven to bond to a variety of service truck bodies (box trucks, boom trucks, etc.) during manufacturing, eliminating the need for welding or fasteners. 

red tractor trailer (heavy duty truck)
Heavy Duty Truck

Class eight heavy-duty truck manufacturers have used our adhesives for years to improve strength and durability over traditional fastening methods. 

Tractor trailer

Utility trailers, horse trailers, pull-behind trailers, class eight, and other trailer manufacturers go with adhesives for enhanced aesthetics and increased throughput with overall cost savings.

Sign works sign built with adhesives

Save costs and assembly time by using sign adhesives to bond dissimilar materials, provide an improved appearance, insulate against galvanic corrosion, and offer excellent environmental resistance.

red bus
Bus & Rail

 Reduce stress points, leaks, and cycle times on a variety of bus and high-speed train applications. 

off-highway equipment, yellow bucket loader
Off-Highway Equipment

We work closely with our OEM customers by collaborating on design, process engineering, and product performance.

four wheeler
Recreational & Utility Vehicles

With a variety of applications, mostly aluminum and galvanized bonding, easily apply logos or ads on ATVs and RVs with adhesives.

sail boat
Marine & Watercraft

Adhesives are proven on boats, jet skis and other watercraft where eliminating potential leak points are critical. 

truck box accessories
Vehicle Accessories

Our adhesives allow vehicle accessory manufacturers to bond and seal in one step.

HVAC unit
Product Assembly

From HVACs, washers, cables, wind turbines, and more, our adhesives are versatile and work in a variety of industrial assembly markets. 

Powder Coating Signs After Bonding
Follow these three tips for ensuring a successful bond after powder curing ovens.
Structural Adhesives 101: What Are They?
Structural adhesives improve appearance, strength and durability, while offering design flexibility and total cost savings. What are structural adhesives, where are they used and why should you use them?


Finding the perfect adhesives for your manufacturing needs can be a hassle. Determine the perfect bead length and diameter, choose a product by chemistry or application and review the different packaging sizes available and other accessories needed.
Looking for frequently asked questions about structural adhesives? You've found the right place. Our technical support teams, scientists, and application engineers have developed a comprehensive list of answers to some of the top questions we get asked.
Need LORD Adhesives? Contact us or find a distributor in our extensive distribution network.
Want to know how to use structural adhesives? Watch our videos! Traditional welding and rivets are a time of the past. Our structural adhesives hold up against welding and other mechanical fasteners. Watch how our adhesives stand up to welding and how to use them.
Master the basics of LORD structural adhesives with our eBook.

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