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Semiconductor Packaging

Our materials are used for semiconductor assembly and packaging. We offer die attach adhesives, encapsulants, underfills and thermal interface materials. They help enhance performance, offer environmental protection and mechanical support, improve reliability and working life, and reduce form factor which can lead to reduce cost.

Thermally Conductive Semiconductor Products

Our CoolTherm thermal management materials are critical to the reliability of the semiconductor chip. Thermal interface materials are used to effectively transfer heat from the semiconductor chip or package to the heat sink or heat spreader and are available in adhesives, gap fillers, gels or greases. These materials offer a variety of thermal performances, dependent on the end use application.

Die Attach Materials

Our die attach materials bond components to lead frames, or directly to interposer and other substrates. This product line offers many solutions depending on your needs for mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation. Common packages that use die attach adhesives are: dual in-line (DIP), small-outline integrated-circuit (SOIC), quad flat pack (QFP) and chip-on board (COB). These adhesives can be dispensed, printed or applied by pin transfer in a variety of patterns.

Semiconductor Grade Encapsulants

Encapsulants are designed for use in the encapsulation of wire-bonded or in components which require environmental protection or enhanced reliability. Our semiconductor grade encapsulants with high purity are used for glop tip, dam and fill or on-board module encapsulation. 


Our capillary underfill encapsulants are high purity, semiconductor grade epoxies developed for the encapsulation of flip chip devices, chip-scale package (CSP) and ball grid array (BGA) components.. They are formulated for low standoff and fine pitch interconnections to enhance reliabilitties of drop and temperature cycle. These materials are engineered to withstand 260°C peak reflow temperatures of lead-free solders.


Gels are designed for applications where a thermal interface material with adhesion and rework capabilities are required. Our gels are formulated to inhibit bleed, seperation and pump-out that are typically observed in other thermal interface materials. These products provide efficient heat transfer from flip chip microprocessors, plastic pin-grade arrays (PPGAs), ball grid arrays (BGAs), microBGAs, digital signal processing chips (DSP), graphic accelerator chips and other high wattage electronic components. Gels can be applied manually or automatically with precision printing or dispensing.


Greases are designed for applications where a thermal interface material is required and where the heat sink may later need to be easily removed from the device. The thixotropic character or these greases hold the heat sink in place until it can be mechanically attached. Our greases can be used with a variety of devices including flip chip microprocessors, plastic pin-grade arrays (PPGAs), ball grid arrays (BGAs), microBGAs, digital signal processing chips (DSP), graphic accelerator chips, and high-speed memory devices. 

Featured White Paper

Advances in Flip Chip Underfill Technology

Flip chip packaging is one of the fastest growing segments in the integrated circuit (IC) packaging industry due to its design advantages vs. wire bonding. This paper describes the key challenges in developing underfill technologies imposed by the package geometries and performance requirements. In particular, the paper will cover the design, development and characterization of non-anhydride underfills with low viscosity, small particle size fillers, fast flow, and high reliability.

Technology for Lead Free Packaging

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