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Thermal Management Materials

As electric vehicle technology evolves, so should your expectations. CoolTherm is the leader in thermal management materials. Our customizable products help EVs go longer, charge faster and have higher reliability by managing heat in batteries, chargers, motors and power electronics. Ready to think differently about heat? It’s time to experience a different kind of cool.

Thermal Management Materials

CoolTherm is the latest advancement in thermal management and infuses high-performance thermal interface materials with world-class service and support. Our team is highly responsive and specialized in custom formulations in the multiple chemistries to meet your performance, cost and schedule targets.


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Thermally Conductive Products

Gap Fillers
Our liquid-dispense, cure-in-place gap fillers remove heat from electronic components.
Thermally Conductive Structural Adhesives
CoolTherm adhesives couple high-bond strength with thermal conductivity for ease of use and cost-savings.
Potting & Encapsulation Materials
Optimize heat dissipation with high thermal conductivity and low viscosity.
Semiconductor Packaging
Die attach adhesives, encapsulants, underfills and thermal interface materials for assembly and packaging.

Solutions Dedicated to Improving Electric Vehicles

We’ve adapted to support the growing electric vehicle market and re-branded our thermal management materials under the brand-name CoolTherm®. This product line includes gap fillers, potting & encapsulation materials, thermally conductive adhesives and gels & greases.


While the core of our business is with automotive OEMs and tier suppliers of electric vehicles, our technology can help electrify a variety of other transportation and industrial types. If you're working on the future of electrification, contact our team to see how our thermal management materials can work in your unique design.

Industrial Equipment
Our solutions enable elecrification of backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, graders and other earthmoving and mining equipment. Electric equipment reduces noise and service times, and lowers emissions when compared to diesel engines.
row of electric buses

Electric buses are on the rise and many cities around the globe are transforming their traditional ICE or diesel fleets towards electrified transportation. Our thermal management materials can help enable fast-charging and wireless charging capabilities for these fleets.

small private plane on the ground ready for take off

Among electric aircraft, there is little standardization in the design of the most critcal component - battery packs. By working closely with our team, you will find a product for your toughest design challenges.

Featured White Paper

Battery Cooling Performance

Our data shows a clear advantage for liquid-dispensed gap fillers versus thermal gap pads when removing heat from battery modules. Learn from our experts in our latest white paper which compares gap filler and thermal pad performance on a prototype electric vehicle battery module.

EV Battery Cooling Performance
Gap Fillers versus Thermal Pads
In the quest to find the best thermal management material, battery manufacturers typically are drawn to one of two types of products: gap fillers or thermal pads. So, how do they differ?
How to Choose and Use Thermal Gap Fillers
Differences in cured and uncured properties affect how your gap filler performs, but how do you know what you need?

Downloadable Resources

For years, motor designers have been battling heat in motor designs. Download our white paper to read how potting your electric motor can yield improved performance, reliability, and efficiency.
Electric vehicles - including automobiles, buses, trains, off-road vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft are here to stay. A key challenge in developing higher-power-density electronics for electric vehicles and other applications is to manage the heat. This e-book covers topics crucial to thermal management in your applications.
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