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Thermal Management Materials & Potting for Electric Motors

Thermal Management Materials & Potting for Electric Motors

Heat robs a motor of power and shortens its life. To manage that heat, we have our CoolTherm® thermally conductive epoxy and silicone potting for electric motors. These thermally conductive materials enable you to increase the power density and life of your motor.

Motor Potting

Potting & Encapsulants for Electric Motor Thermal Management

Our potting and encapsulants provide a robust thermal interface between the stator winding and heat sink. They are highly thermally conductive and low in viscosity, enabling them to flow into fine gaps. In addition, their high Tg allows for Class H and N ratings with no thermal stress cracks.

  • Increase Power: Get more torque or horsepower from the same sized motor, or get the same amount of power from a smaller motor.
  • Improve Performance: Our encapsulants facilitate optimum heat transfer because of their high thermal conductivity and low viscosity.
  • Extend Life: Keep your motor running at reduced operating temperatures, thereby lengthening its service life.

CoolTherm® Thermal Management Solutions

Our thermal management potting materials are available in a wide range of chemistries, thermal conductivities, densities, and more. For further details on the ideal product for your electric motor, check out our digital brochure or contact us to speak with one our expert application engineers for assistance. 

ProductChemistryThermal Conductivity (W/m·K)Viscosity (cP @ 25°C)Density (g/cm3)Shore Hardness
Potting & EncapsulantsSilicone & Epoxy0.7 - 4.01,900 - 30,0001.5 - 3.2A45 - A60, D90 - D95
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With over 40 years of industry expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio available, we can help you stick to your schedule and stay on budget with our CoolTherm potting compounds.