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Power Electronics Thermal Management

Improve Thermal Stability with CoolTherm® Materials

Protect components and improve stability - In order to extend the life of your power electronics, you need to maintain low thermal resistance and protect components from shock, moisture and debris. LORD CoolTherm® low viscosity, highly thermally conductive pottants provide a robust thermal interface, as well as protect delicate electrical components. Additionally, we offer a variety of other thermal interface materials — available in gels, greases, adhesives and gap fillers — that will not only improve heat flow but also provide excellent isolation and vibration dampening.

CoolTherm materials not only improve heat flow but also provide excellent isolation and vibration dampening.

Our dedicated technical service staff will work with you on a customized solution and can help select the correct material for your application that aligns with your cost targets and process for improving performance.

Potting & Encapsulants for Power Electronics Thermal Management

Our thermally conductive encapsulants provide electrical isolation and protection, and their low viscosity enables better impregnation and displacement of air.

  • Improve Performance: Our encapsulants facilitate optimum heat transfer because of their high thermal conductivity and low viscosity.
  • Protect Electronics: Potting and encapsulants provide protection from dust and moisture and can help reduce vibration.
  • Reduce Component Stress: LORD encapsulants exhibit low shrinkage upon curing.

Two-Component Room Temperature Curing Electrically Isolative 1:1 Mix Ratio

Product Chemistry Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) Viscosity (cps @ 25°C) Density (g/cm3)
CoolTherm® SC-305 Silicone 0.7 3,500 1.5
CoolTherm SC-303 Silicone 0.9 6,000 2.2
CoolTherm SC-315 Silicone 1.5 4,000 2.6
CoolTherm SC-252 Silicone 2.5 18,000 2.9
CoolTherm SC-320 Silicone 3.2 22,000 3.10
CoolTherm SC-324 Silicone 4.0 30,000 3.2

Thermally Conductive Adhesives for Power Electronics Assembly

Formulated for standard MMD equipment, our adhesives provide your application with structural integrity. Our thermally conductive adhesives not only provide mechanical rigidity but also a thermal connection where heat is a problem.

  • Improve Design Flexibility: No longer constrained by mechanical fixtures and given the ability to bond a wide variety of substrates, you are free to discover the possibilities.
  • Protect Electronics: LORD thermally conductive adhesives provide electrical insulation for high-voltage and low-voltage applications.

One- and Two-Component Bond a Wide Variety of Substrates Room Temperature Curing Varialbe Cure Speeds

Product Chemistry Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) Lap Shear Strength (MPa)
CoolTherm TC-2002 Acrylic 1.0 15.8
CoolTherm MT-322 Silicone 1.7 2.1
CoolTherm MT-125 Epoxy 2.4 20.7
CoolTherm MT-220 Epoxy - Silicone Hybrid 4.2 6.2
CoolTherm MD-140 SP Epoxy 12.0 48.3

Gels & Greases for Power Electronics Thermal Management

Our experts understand that different applications require different solutions. We offer a broad portfolio of gels and greases to meet your unique specifications.

  • Resist Pump-Out: LORD gels enhance stable thermal performance by resisting pump-out.
  • Protect Against Shock: Our thermal interface materials provide excellent isolation and vibration dampening.

One-Component Low Thermal Resistance Properties Reworkable

Gels & Greases
Product Chemistry Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) Viscosity (cPs @ 25°C)
CoolTherm SG-21 Silicone (grease) 0.8 1,800,000
CoolTherm MG-121 Silicone (gel) 2.3 75,000
CoolTherm MG-133 Silicone (gel) 3.6 105,900

Gap Fillers for Power Electronics Thermal Management

Get the best performance out of your components by filling in surface imperfections with a thermally conductive gap filler. They are a stay-in-place solution and cure as a gel, easing the stresses caused by thermal differences and flex.

  • Low Outgas Options: We offer low ppm siloxane solutions for sensitive electronic applications.
  • Protect Against Shock: Our gap fillers remain tacky and soft to dampen vibration.

Two-Component Low Outgas Options Room Temperature Curing Electrically Isolative 1:1 Mix Ratio

Gap Fillers
Product Chemistry Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) Shore Hardness (OO) Density (g/cm3)
CoolTherm SC-1200 Silicone 2.0 80 2.9
CoolTherm SC-3500 Silicone 3.5 75 3.3
CoolTherm SC-1500 Silicone 3.8 80 3.3
CoolTherm UR-2002 Urethane 2.0 75 2.7