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Thermoset ES-121 Epoxy Encapsulant Where to Buy

Product Information

LORD Thermoset ES-121 epoxy encapsulant is a black, two-component system designed specifically for high voltage, automotive ignition coils, where excellent adhesion to segmented bobbins is critical.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of Thermoset ES-121 resin and Thermoset ES-121 hardener is one year from date of manufacture when stored at 25°C in original, unopened container.

Features and Benefits

Low Viscosity – maintains low viscosity for complete and void-free encapsulation.

Environmentally Resistant – provides excellent resistance to thermal shock.

High Temperature Electrical Performance – developed specifically for electrical stability at high temperature.

Uncured Typical Properties*

Mixed Appearance Black, Thick Liquid
Mixed Viscosity, cps @ 25°C 8000
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.63
Gel Time, min @ 100°C 70
Working Life, day @ 25°C 1
Cure Time 2 hr @ 90°C, plus 2 hr @ 110°C, plus 2 hr @ 140°C

Cured Typical Properties*

Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm @ 25°C >1 x 1014
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, ppm/°C alpha 1 = 40 x 10-6
alpha 2 = 129 x 10-6
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg), °C 145
Hardness, Shore D 90
Storage Modulus, GPa 2
Dielectric Strength, kV/mm 30
Dielectric Constant, @ 25°C < 4
Dissipation Factor, % @ 25°C < 0.5

*Data is typical and not to be used for specification purposes.


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Download Technical Data Sheet Thermoset ES-121 Epoxy Encapsulant

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