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LORD actuator solutions put pilot commands into motion.With a history of providing aerospace actuators for more than 20 years, LORD has the technology, experience and capability to provide a more optimized unit. LORD actuators have very compact designs thanks to a ‘design-to-machine’ approach. Our actuators are designed for safety with the inclusion of over torque limitation, dual load path and redundant sensors - all according to application requirements.

Where are LORD Electromechanical Actuators Currently Used?

LORD electromechanical actuators can be deployed in either fly-by-wire or conventional flight control systems. Our actuators are found on aircraft manufactured by Airbus, Dassault Aviation, IAI, Leonardo Aircraft and Bombardier. LORD is both an OEM and MRO solution provider - if you are owner or operator of one of these platforms, please visit our MRO Services page.


LORD provides actuators for flight control surfaces, such as elevator and aileron trim tabs, as well jamming override acuators and variable force feel actuators for pitch control. Also, our trim actuators are complemented by our pedal travel limitation units.

LORD provides utility control actuators, such as entry door actuators, oil cooler air trap actuators, engine and APU disconnect actuators, and APU inlet door actuators. LORD engineers work with customers for requirements validation for each application.

LORD Spoiler EMA is powered by an electrical network. One or two electric motors drive a linear screw that is capable of moving the spoiler surface and holding the required position. Several concepts have been evaluated to meet various aircraft applications, architectures and certification requirements.

The current aerospace industry trend is toward more electrical systems on aircraft. New power sources are allowing more surfaces and systems to be driven by electromechanical actuators (EMA). LORD has the capability to provide electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) for various other applications.

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