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LORD has a broad aerospace sensing product line.LORD flight control sensors provide fly-by-wire systems' position and load status information with redundancy and reliability. Beyond fly-by-wire flight control sensors, LORD also has a broad aerospace sensing product line, including Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), wireless sensor networks and rugged sensors for commercial spaceflight.

Where are LORD Flight Control Sensors Currently Used?

Our sensors for flight control systems can be found in various Airbus, ATR and Dassault aircraft. LORD is both an OEM and MRO solution provider - if you are owner or operator of one of these platforms, please visit our MRO Services page.

LORD Position Sensor Units are used to provide position reference information for fly-by-wire aircraft flight control systems. Our position sensors also measure angular speed and the information provided may include up to 10 position signals with redundancy without common failure mode.

LORD Load Force Sensor Units are used to provide load reference information for fly-by-wire aircraft flight control systems. Our load force sensors measure real time load and record discrete load values. Also, our load force sensor units offer a standard core module, ARINC 429 interface, and embedded programmable digital electronics.

LORD provides inertial navigation system (INS) sensors. Our INS sensors are compact, tactical-grade all-in-one navigation solutions with integrated GPS/GNSS and magnetometers, high noise immunity, and exceptional performance.

The Torque-Link-LXRS consists of a torque "collar" that contains the necessary electronics to measure strain and torque on rotating shafts. Measurement of static torque is also possible without the rotation of the shaft.

LORD also offers torque monitoring solutions for small shaft applications. Rotational measurement is achieved via reluctance or hall effect transducers.

As one of the first companies to utilize wireless sensor capabilities to allow digital sensors to interact with personal computers and the internet, LORD Microstrain® wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs for a variety of applications.

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