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With more than 3,100 employees in 26 countries, 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide, we're there for our customers.

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Rubber Bonding Solutions

Our solutions stand up to any challenge — across any industry, in any application — delivering reliable value to your business.

Elastomer Adhesive & Coating Solutions

We leverage nearly 100 years of experience in rubber bonding technology while continuing to invest in new solutions that move every person in the world. Our solutions cover rubber-to-rubber, rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-plastic and other rubber-to-substrate applications. We're here to help you get the job done right with our LORD Academy and support teams by your side.

Products & Solutions

<p>When you need a high-performance, mission-critical adhesive, choose the ultimate in elastomer bonding technology.</p>

Bonding Solutions
High-performance, mission-critical, elastomer bonding adhesives.

<p>Highly flexible coatings that bond to low-surface energy substrates.</p>

Coatings for Rubber Bonding

Highly flexible coatings that bond to low-surface energy substrates.

<p>Our cross-linkers, latex, mold release and cleaning solutions are sure enhance your rubber processes.</p>

Rubber Processing Solutions

Our cross-linkers, latex, mold release and cleaning solutions are sure to enhance your rubber processes.

<p>Reduce squeak and itch noises while contributing to passenger comfort.</p>

Weatherstrip & Glass Coatings and Adhesives
Increase the lifetime of automotive sealings and passenger comfort by reducing squeak and itch noises.
Specialty Rubber Needs

We're here to support your specialty adhesive needs, whether it be enhancing your supply chain or developing new products. With our flexible manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise, we're able to produce a wide range of products to ensure we meet your business needs. 

Let's Collaborate
Helping Customers Succeed Through Application Engineering
We focus on supporting our customers through every step of their bonding process. Our teams will go on-site for technical service, troubleshooting and process optimization.
Using Weatherstrip Coatings on Frameless Doors
Achieving abrasion resistance in sealing coatings generally conflicts with the goal of achieving noise reduction. Sipiol weatherstrip coatings innovatively solve this problem.


We transform innovative ideas into long-term value for our customers using core operating principles — safety and well-being, quality, sourcing, innovation, integrity and ethical behavior.
When you choose Chemlok adhesives, the product is just the beginning. Our complimentary LORD Academy provides customers with unique training to ensure they become adhesive experts, and get the job done right.

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