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Mining operation with rubber conveyor belt dropping dirt or rocks and can be repaired with Chemlok Cold-Bond Adhesives.

Chemlok Cold-Bond (CB) Adhesives

Save money and work safer with Chemlok CB adhesives to bond vulcanized rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber at room temperature.

Cold-Bond 100 is Strong Enough for Seaming

Cold-Bond 100AB is Parker LORD’s first of several cold-bonding adhesives intended to bond vulcanized rubber-to-substrate at ambient temperatures.  Watch the video as we show how we know Cold-Bond is strong enough for seaming.

Room Temperature Rubber Bonding

We are known for our vulcanizing adhesives (hot-bonders) and now offer a new line of cold-bonding adhesives that are easier and safer to use than existing alternatives.

Existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding vulcanized rubber-to-metal utilize carcinogenic substances or restricted VOCs. Our CB adhesives are TCE-free and contain less VOC, all while still bonding tenaciously to itself. 

Save Money

Chemlok CB products offer an longer pot-life — 12x the industry average. For you, that's less adhesive wasted and more time spent rubber-lining.

Work Safer

Chemlok CB contains no carcinogenic solvents.

Ensure Quality

When was the last time your incumbent supplier offered training to your team to ensure you're using the adhesive safely and correctly? Complimentary training from our application engineers is offered to all of our cold-bond customers.

Chemlok CB 100AB: TCE-Free Rubber Adhesive

  • Customize your own dilution by substrate 
  • Apply fewer coats, increasing throughput 4x-10x, depending on substrate
  • Reduced VOC because there's more adhesive per can
  • Less tacky than alternative solutions to gloves 
  • Easier to adhere parts to complex geometries 
  • Apply by brush or rollers



Cold-Bonding Applications

  • Belt Repair
  • Belt Splicing
  • Shock Pads
  • Abrasion Pads
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Slurry Pipes
  • Hurricanes 

Chemlok Cold Bond

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