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Mining operation with rubber conveyor belt dropping dirt or rocks and can be repaired with Chemlok Cold-Bond Adhesives.

Chemlok Cold-Bond (CB) Adhesives

Save money and work safer with Chemlok CB adhesives to bond vulcanized rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber at room temperature.

Room Temperature Rubber Bonding

We are known for our vulcanizing adhesives ("hot-bonders") and now offer a new line of cold-bonding adhesives that are easier and safer to use than existing alternatives.

Existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding vulcanized rubber-to-metal utilize carcinogenic substances or restricted VOCs. Our CB adhesives are VOC-free and commonly used for belt repair, belt splicing and rubber linings. 

Save Money

Chemlok CB products offer an all-day pot-life — 12x the industry average. For you, that's less adhesive wasted and more time spent rubber-lining.

Work Safer

Chemlok CB contains no carcinogenic solvents.

Ensure Quality

When was the last time your incumbent supplier offered training to your team to ensure you're using the adhesive safely and correctly? Complimentary training from our application engineers is offered to all of our cold-bond customers.

VOC-Free, Press-Free Belting & Lagging Repairs

The newest addition to our cold-bond adhesive line is Chemlok CB203. This adhesive is VOC-free and press-free for belting and lagging repairs. No press, vulcanization, uncured rubber, respirator or rubber buffing are required. You can easily mix and dispense only what you need with a cartridge. Watch how Chemlok CB203 is used.

late night mining image

Adhesion Improvement Primer for Vulcanized Natural Rubber

Prepare your vulcanized rubber to bond better with Chemlok CB102CS adhesive, while reducing worker exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and VOC emissions.

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Coming Soon - Chemlok CB201CS Adhesive

Belt-Repair Adhesive

For those resurfacing belts regularly, CB201 offers a significant material, labor and scrap cost savings over traditional solutions such as Fourthane Red and Rema TipTop RG7000.  Available in 280 mL self-mixing, electric caulk-gun dispensed cartridges. Mix, dispense and spread adhesive in seconds—resurfacing a belt in twice the time. Only dispense what you need—saving waste.

Chemlok CB201 can also be used as a belt-repair adhesive where localized rubber curing presses are unavailable and belts need to get back into operation fast.

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Chemlok Cold Bond

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