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Tire Adhesive Solutions

We offer tire adhesives for RFID encapsulation, foam bonding and butyl curing agents.

tire cross sections

As tire technology continues to evolve, our solutions help tire manufacturers keep pace. Our tire solutions include both rubber-to-foam bonding adhesives and a flexible foam itself, which provides a single source solution. For radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications, we offer rubber bonding adhesives as well as encapsulants that provide environmental protection and heat resistance.

Our tire adhesive solutions can bond spikes and studs to tire treads, rubber EPDM valves and rubber labels (stickers) to the sidewall. We also have a unique range of vulcanizing agents for curing butyl stocks, offering both non-sulfur and non-dusting options.

Our proven solutions for the tire industry span over several decades, meeting our customers' challenging application requirements. We collaborate with our customers to incorporate the latest tire technology into their products, enabling them to have a more efficient manufacturing process and produce more robust tires.

Solutions for Tire Applications

Product Application Features & Benefits
Bond RFID to inside of tire
  • Provides high bond strength
  • Reliable and provides consistent product performance
Thermoset EP-20 Encapsulate RFID for bonding to tire
  • Provides environmental resistance
  • Provides heat resistance
  • Low viscosity
LORD®7556 A/B
LORD®7150 A/B
Bond rubber label to sidewall
  • Non-yellowing
  • Quick curing
  • Provides high bond strength
  • Easy to apply
Chemlok®205/6411 Bonds rubber EPDM valves
  • Provides environmental resistance
  • Provides high bond strength
LORD® TB 7620
LORD® 7542 A/B
Bond foam to inside of tire
  • Provides high bond strength
  • Low durometer/high flexibility
Chemlok®205/Fusor 121 Flexible foam for sound deadening
  • Simplifies application of foam to tire
  • Replaces both foam and adhesive
Chemosil®211/Chemlok 6417 Bond spikes and studs to tire treads
  • Provides environmental resistance
  • Provides low-temperature resistance
Vulcanizing agent / Curing of butyl stocks
  • Improves heat resistance of butyl stocks

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