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exposed ev battery pack

Sipiol Flame-Retardant Coatings for EV Battery Packs

Sipiol flame-retardant coatings are used in electric vehicle battery boxes to protect substrates from heat and fire. These coatings expand when exposed to high heat and form a protective insulation layer – only requiring a thin amount of material to withstand temperatures up to 1200⁰C. Are you currently designing your battery pack or looking for a solution to protect your battery pack from fire? We can help.

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Protecting EVs from Battery Fires

Watch the side-by-side comparison of our Sipiol FR coating on aluminum vs. uncoated aluminum. The flame-resistant coating expands 20-30 times the initial coating thickness within 5 seconds to protect the substrate – enabling the aluminum to withstand the 1200⁰C flame for 95+ minutes without melting. However, the uncoated aluminum melted completely through within 15 seconds.

Lower Battery Box Temperatures by 80%

Lithium ion batteries and other battery types used for electric vehicles can become a big fire hazard if not properly protected. At a thickness of only 75um, Sipiol FR coatings can protect the electric vehicle battery box, modules and other battery applications by forming an insulative barrier between the heat source and substrate. As automotive lightweighting trends continue to emerge, design engineers are using different lightweight substrates (aluminum or composites) to build the battery boxes. Combining Sipiol FR with these lightweight substrates enables weight reduction, while still providing fire protection and safety for the driver and passengers. Say goodbye to heavy steel and metals. 

How to Apply Fire-Proof Coatings

  • Spray Method: Easily apply the coating with a spray applicator by using a sweeping motion over the substrate. Application guides and technical service team members are available to assist with application methods. 

  • Brush or Dip Method: Viscosity and dilution ratio can be adjusted to accommodate preferred application methods. Brush and Dip methods are easy to utilize for an even coat.

Fire-Resistant EV Coating Applications

EV rendering of battery module box
EV Battery Module Boxes

Coat inside individual module boxes to stop a cell fire spreading beyond the module

inside of ev battery box
Inside EV Battery Box

Coat the inside of a battery-box housing to stop cell fires from spreading to the rest of the vehicle

Outside of EV battery box
Outside EV Battery Box

Coat the outside of the battery box to stop external fires from affecting the battery

vehicle assembly line
EV Chassis

Coat the chassis of the car to protect against battery pack and external fires 

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