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With more than 3,100 employees in 26 countries, 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide, we're there for our customers.

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Get There, with LORD

The best technology alone doesn’t ensure success. LORD is a true partner — offering up the right people, experience and technology to get you where you need to go, wherever you may be.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Some of the best work gets done when our customers and our people put their heads — and resources — together. LORD has a track record of working with our partners and customers to tackle their most challenging issues: resolving potential production delays, moving adhesives around the clock across six continents; we have even helped customers bring their own inventions to fruition. Who’s there to collaborate with you?

Support, When & Where You Need It

Globally, we’re aligned with international standards and best practices. For all of our customers, we maintain our founding commitment to monitoring progress and making process improvements as we discover them.

Regardless of where you are, you can leverage our extensive network of distributors to make sure you get the right information when you need it and the technical support where you need it. Our regional locations are equipped with technical experts, laboratories and testing facilities, so that we can serve you around the world.

Innovating Together for Tomorrow

Leveraging a century of diverse accomplishments, we’ve established a roadmap for innovation alongside our customers. We’ve enabled the development of higher-performing, longer-lasting engine mounts in vehicles by using our Chemlok adhesives. With our Sipiol coatings, we’ve enhanced the customer ride experience by helping create a quiet ride. Our adhesives allow for buildings to withstand stronger or more frequent earthquakes by enabling the design of higher-performing seismic mounts. Mining operations can count on our adhesives ensuring that belts, pumps and separators continue to work day after day, even under the most brutal of conditions. You can find our solutions everywhere — from outer space to making your life safer on a daily basis. We move into the future committed to investing in an award-winning culture of health, safety and continual professional development.

Partnering for Success: Process Development & Training

We believe knowledge is power. We believe training you helps to ensure success. Our application engineers will go on-site to a customer, audit their processes and have technical discussions. In our LORD Academy training sessions, your team will learn safer and more efficient application methods. We're here to help educate the veterans, but also the new comers. Hear from Jeff on how critical training is for your team.

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