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LORD academy training with attendees in lab coats watching demonstrations in the lab.

Chemlok Academy

When you choose Chemlok® adhesives, the product is just the beginning. Our complimentary Chemlok Academy provides customers with unique training to ensure they become adhesive experts, and get the job done right. We offer on-site training, process optimization, industry seminars and more.

Step Up with LORD Academy

We believe knowledge is power. We believe training you helps to ensure success. We lead you to success through collaboration and making the right information available — when and where you need it. With access to our on-site LORD Academy training, your team will learn safer, more efficient application methods, how to troubleshoot process issues, as well as best practices for using our adhesives and coatings for bonding rubber-to-substrate parts.

On-Site Training

Learn at either your site or at one of our global facilities about elastomer bonding technologies and best practices. 

Application Engineering

Optimize your elastomer-to-substrate part design and manufacturing processes to improve throughput and profitability. 

Process Optimization

Improve your adhesive application process through tailored technical support.

Industry Seminars

Participate in sessions to discuss rubber technology, including rubber compounding, bonding, machinery and new industry trends.

Chemlok Nomenclature

Applicable to most Chemlok products—see our product details for more information.

  • ChemosilChemlok — Regional branding difference
  • Primer — Provides additional environmental protection, resulting in additional protection and strength under harsh environmental conditions
  • One-Coat — Use of primer is not required, only adhesive
    • Note: All one-coat adhesive products can be paired with a primer and used in a two-coat system
  • Suffixes— Added diluted solvent (-T, -X), application method (-D, -S), or others
  • Two-Coat— Primer application (required), then adhesive
200Vulcanization Bonding, Solvent-Based
8000Vulcanization Bonding, Aqueous-Based
200General Purpose or Urethanes, Solvent-Based
400Specialty Materials
6000Environmentally-Preferred Chemlok Adhesives

Become a Rubber Bonding Expert

LORD Academy provides tailored training for our customers, so that they can get the job done right. We believe in collaboration to make the impossible real, join a network of rubber bonding enthusiasts who are eager about continual learning and solving tomorrow’s rubber needs.   

International Rubber Journey #8 is in the Books
With more than 200 rubber-enthusiasts in attendance, three days of speakers, manufacturing tours, training and workshops, attendees can attest that IRJ is the conference to gain knowledge and expertise in the rubber industry.


Learn about the adhesion science involved in rubber-to-metal bonding as well as general considerations for achieving a robust bond.
Production of high-quality bonded parts begins with two choices: the elastomer and the adhesive. Discover the right combination.
Choose your adhesive by the elastomer type to be bonded and other key considerations. This guide lists the most common primers and adhesives.
Watch a variety of "how to" videos for using water-based and solvent-based Chemlok.
Have a question about Chemlok adhesives? We might have already answered it. Check out our FAQs on rubber bonding.

Application Guides

Proper application is essential for maximum results. Whether you're dipping or spraying, with this guide you'll learn how to maximize efficiency and optimize results.
This guide highlights the factors, discipline and detail that should be followed to ensure the highest level of performance when using aqueous LORD Chemlok products.

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LORD Academy – Chemlok

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