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Tank cleaning with LORD LokRelease adhesive stripping solution to remove dried-on adhesives.

LokRelease Chemical Cleaning Solution

Eliminate the need for risky and unsafe cleaning procedures when removing dried-on adhesives from mixing equipment with our adhesive stripping solutions. Want to give LokRelease a try? Talk with one of our experts about your application.

No More Scraping, Scrubbing or Incinerating Stuck-On Adhesives

LORD LokRelease 800 adhesive stripping solution is a special chemical cleaning formula designed for removing adhesive products used in chemical and product manufacturing tanks, storage vessels, reactors, baths, fixtures, masks, pumps and transfer lines. This cleaning solution takes advantage of Hansen Solubility Parameters, balancing dispersion, polarity and hydrogen bonding to swell dried-on adhesives for easy removal and reducing hazardous waste.

Chemical Cleaning Solution Applications

LokRelease 800 adhesive stripping solution can be used where Chemlok, Flocklok and other adhesive products are used. 

  • Tanks, Baths, Storage Vessels & Reactors
  • Fixtures & Masks 
  • Pumps
  • Transfer Lines

How to Use Adhesive Stripping Solution

  1. Expose dried-on LORD adhesive to LokRelease 800 and agitate solution for faster results
  2. Filter out chunks of media that slough off into the stripping solution
  3. Re-use stripping solution

Typical Chemical Cleaning Solutions

Typical solvents dissolve adhesive product into a slurry that must be disposed as hazardous waste. Solvents can remove stuck-on adhesives but dissolves into bulk solvent. However, they are also highly aggressive that require heat and manual scrubbing.

LokRelease Chemical Cleaning Solutions

LokRelease 800/810 causes caked-on adhesive to fall off in large chunks that can be filtered out, so the solution can be re-used. The solution works by swelling dried-on adhesives and is much less aggressive than typical solvents. Using the adhesive stripping solution is a quick process, especially if you agitate the fixture while immersed into the solution. 

Watch LokRelease in Action

This demonstration shows the process of removing Chemlok adhesives using LokRelease 800 adhesive stripping solution. You'll see that just after five minutes of soaking in the cleaning solution, the adhesive starts to swell and with just a little bit of agitation the adhesive begins to peel off.

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LokRelease 800 adhesive stripping solution is a specialized cleaning formulas that removes dried-on adhesive for easy part removal.
Discover all the typical properties and shelf life information for LokRelease 800 chemical stripper.

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