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Silicone hexagons that can be bonded with Silicone Adhesives.

Silicone Adhesives

When you need high-performance peroxide- or platinum-cured silicone adhesives, choose the ultimate in elastomer bonding technology. We offer a range of HTV silicone adhesives proven in a variety of industries including: automotive, aerospace, electronics and industrial applications.

Peroxide-Cured Silicone Adhesives

Chemlok adhesives are designed to bond unvulcanized peroxide-cured silicone rubber to various substrates such as metal, glass, plastics and textiles during the compression molding process. We offer both solvent and aqueous one-coat solutions.

These adhesives are versatile, environmentally resistant and durable. They provide excellent bonding characteristics between a wide range of commercially available elastomer stocks and many diverse metallic and non-metallic substrates. At high or low temperatures, these adhesives provide rubber tearing bonds that are stronger than the rubber. The bonds that are formed are capable of withstanding salt spray, chemicals, oils, solvents, corrosive atmospheres and extreme temperatures.


Platinum-Cured Silicone Adhesives

LORD In-Mold Bond (IMB™) adhesives are non-tacky, polymer-based coatings that when applied under heat and pressure provide a structural bond to a rigid or elastomeric polymer. IMB adhesives are designed for bonding platinum-cured silicone rubber to a variety of thermoplastic and metal substrates during the injection molding process. The list of substrates compatible with IMB adhesives and platinum-cured silicones is ever-growing and includes substrates like stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate and nylon.

Our IMB primers are not sensitive to atmospheric conditions (humidity or moisture), increasing ease of use during manufacturing. Rubber tearing bonds can be achieved with our adhesives without plasma, flame or chemical surface preparation. IMB adhesives for platinum-cured silicone are ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 compliant, with the capability to survive serialization.

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Applying our LORD In-Mold Bonding adhesives to a rigid substrate provides a structural bond when over-molded with thermoplastic or liquid silicone rubber. This technology enables assemblies between plastics, silicones and metals to be made during the molding process.

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Silicone Adhesives